Swimming Lessons in Australia

Swimming Lessons in Australia
Hi. My name is David Bree, business owner and teacher at Breeswim.Breeswim was created in 2012 after 10 years working and travelling around Australia. Throughout that time I had the opportunity to work with Australia’s most experienced industry experts. I specialise in infant/toddler aquatics ranging from 4 months to 4-year-olds.

 I want to bring attention to Australian Learn to Swim as a service and give you some insights into the industry. Hopefully, as a parent or teacher, this blog will educate you with some basic information – from tips on choosing a swim school to changes you can make to achieve the most from your swimming lessons.

The Australian Learn to Swim industry leads the way as one of the best in the world. The climate, landscape and beaches make swimming lessons a necessity rather than a luxury. Each step taken by passionate industry experts pushes the boundaries of the learn to swim development and allows us as parents and teachers to benefit.

A few key things that I have noticed during my swim teaching career, is the consistent efforts of swimming schools wanting to stand out as the best program to achieve the fastest results.

One thing that may come as a surprise to you though, is that swim schools are not bound to a national curriculum – meaning really they could teach anything. This flexibility in industry practice leads to inconsistency in lesson quality from swim school to swim school and as newbie parents entering the industry, it’s difficult to know whether or not you are getting value from the lesson.

We enrol our children into swimming classes & lessons for many reasons and we continue to look for opportunities to give our children a head start. But a key differentiator between swim schools can simply be the acknowledgement that a child’s learning of independence, safety awareness and love of the water will progress in line with the child’s development capabilities.

I want to bring attention to realistic age group objectives (from 4 months old), and swimming activities, that can be implemented by any parent. Every child is different, but parents should understand and expect progress throughout their Learn to Swim participation.

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