Snorkeling & Scuba Diving for Kids

The water is your new kids environment!
The water is your new kids environment!

Does your kid have a fascination for the sea and its wonders?

Does they dream of becoming a swimmer or perhaps a marine biologist?

Then we think they might enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving!

A video of Snorkeling & Scuba Diving for Kids

Kids giving all the benefits of scuba diving. <br> A great adventure and activity to discover the underwater world!

Information on Snorkeling & Scuba Diving for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Activities?

What is the difference between the two activities?
Both involve being submerged in the water, but for snorkeling:

  • No need to go deep
    your kid may stay at the surface or go only up to two or three feet under. But be careful with the sun! Wearing a top would be much appropriate.
  • It is merely for recreational purposes
    Observing fish and coral reefs near the surface.
  • Light and cheap equipment
    in snorkeling, you only wear a mask and a snorkel, and even fins if he wants to go further and faster (or get more secured if there are some currents)

As for scuba diving:

  • It can be both for recreational and professional purposes.
  • Go deep into the Ocean
    Scuba diving allows you to be fully submerged in the water for quite a long time, and therefore go much deeper. The first lesson usually takes you up to 5 meters deep, but can be less depending on your kid’s and the weather conditions. The next scuba diving lessons will take you, after many hours and maybe a few years, up to 30 meters deep or even more!
  • Bigger and more expensive equipment
    You will need quality masks, fins, a wetsuit, and an air tank, that are provided by the school anyway.

Snorkeling and scuba diving, especially the latter, were often considered as activities for adults. But there are already inexpensive programs available where snorkeling and scuba diving can now also be considered as kids activities. Snorkel and diving tours rates range from AU$100 to AU$200.

What are the other benefits of snorkeling and scuba diving activities for kids?

Here are some:

  • Physical Activity
    Your kids can develop or improve their endurance and strength in these water activities, among others. Snorkeling and scuba diving might become their hobbies when they get older.
  • Curiosity and Maturity
    They will develop awareness on underwater habitats (underwater flora and fauna like fishes and coral, and all the wonders of marine life) and the dangers related to them. This awareness will teach them to value and preserve the environment. This can even help them become mature and more responsible.
  • Social / Family
    Involving them in snorkeling and scuba diving activities is a good way to experience some nice bonding time together.

At what age are kids suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving activities?

Supervised Programs

Kids as young as 5 years old can participate in supervised programs. Enrol them in basic open water courses provided by licenced organisations where they will be provided with proper gear. Also make sure that you and your kids are oriented with safety precautions and proper snorkeling and scuba diving instructions.

When you go on Australian tours, most of the tour packages include supervised snorkeling programs. There are also scuba diving courses offered by diving agencies, such as the Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Their programs give training in safety skills, supported by books and video lessons. Before choosing a club or a school, make sure it is licensed under an international association (one of these or others, but these are some of the most popular around the world). Both institutions have some differences (depth, specialties etc.). The best is to get an institutor recommended or find one in the ActiveActivities directory.

Training Programs

For kids with ages 5-8, you can enrol them in training programs that will familiarise them with breathing equipment and will teach them how to use breathing apparatus while snorkeling. A one-hour session costs on AU$30. Kids over 8 years old are taught to breathe underwater using compressed air with actual scuba equipment. A session costs on AU$100.The ActiveActivties directory will provide details of where training programs are available for yur kids.

When they have already earned their PADI or SSI certification, water activities will be more fun and exciting since you can now get to enjoy these adventures with them. An inexpensive snorkel kit for kids – a set composed of a mask, snorkel, diving suits, and fins – can be bought at dive shops or any sports store. The kit costs less than AU$100, while a basic scuba diving gear set costs on AU$600.

Spend the holidays by taking your whole family to the beach and go on an underwater adventure that everyone will surely enjoy. Depending on the location and time of the year, you can either enjoy the calm current or the rough waters. The Great Barrier Reef has lots of amazing diving spots like Port Douglas and Cairns. Nurture your child’s curiosity and go snorkeling in the shallow waters or go scuba diving on the reef with them!