School Holidays Snow Skiing Programs for Kids

Get your kids to be confident on the ski slopes. Just like this little one!

Holidays with family can be a very rewarding experience for the kids. School holidays provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together. Make the most out of these opportunities by taking your family to places where everyone will have the time of their lives. During the snow season, one of the best activities for kids is to participate in school holidays snow skiing programs. Who doesn't want to learn skiing? It's time to brave the slopes!

A video of School Holidays Snow Skiing Programs for Kids

School holiday snow skiing programs promote good health and fitness through play and sports. Get your kids to learn how to ski during the winter season for them to have a reason to go outdoors and enjoy the slopes. Watch the clip and see how much fun skiing is.

Information on School Holidays Snow Skiing Programs For Kids

Are school holidays snow skiing programs for your kids?

School holidays snow skiing programs are offered in snow schools located at ski resorts. Snow schools are sometimes classified according to their specialisation. There are snowboarding schools and ski schools that focus only on snowboarding and skiing; but there are also snow schools that provide lessons for a number of snow sports.

School holidays snow skiing programs for kids include ski lessons for all ages and levels. Usually accepting students starting 3 years old, the programs incorporate fun kids activities and games to the lessons to provide the best learning environment for them. Aside from the basics of skiing and other ski techniques, the kids are also taught about safety when on the slopes, including wearing the proper protective gear and outfit, the rules and regulations, and the different safety signs on the slopes. You can check our ActiveActivities Directory for all the available school holidays snow skiing programs offered in different ski resorts around Australia.

Australia has numerous ski fields that are very accessible, providing you lots of choices, whenever you are in the country. If you're wondering where to ski in Australia, you can take your kids to the following ski resorts with exciting features ideal for kids, as well as school holidays snow skiing programs.

  • Snowy Mountains, NSW
    The Snowy Mountains in New South Wales is the highest Australian mountain range, with the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. Four of its popular snow resorts are Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, Perisher, and Selwyn.
    • Thredbo
      Thredbo is an alpine village with 480 hectares of snow fields. They have Friday Flat, a ski area at the base, purposely built for beginners and little kids. Thredbo offers trails for everyone, with the longest run in Australia (5.9km long).
    • Charlotte Pass
      Being the highest ski resort in Australia, Charlotte Pass is only accessible by oversnow vehicle. The Pass has slopes for all difficulty levels. They also have a ski school for beginners. Ski and snowboard hire is also available in Charlotte Pass.
    • Perisher
      Persiher is the largest ski resort in Australia, with 1,245 hectares. Perisher offers free school holidays snow skiing programs for beginners, with skiing and snowboarding lessons from a qualified instructor. They also have a day care centre where you can leave your babies and toddlers.
    • Selwyn
      With the motto ?Friendly Family Fun,? Selwyn Snowfields is known as the ski resort for beginners, with school holidays snow skiing programs for the whole family.
  • Victoria
    • Mt. Buller
      Mt. Buller is the most easily accessible major ski resort in Australia, only three hours from Melbourne. The resort is perfect for families, with plenty of things to do for kids ? school holidays snow skiing programs for kids, snowtubing, and snowman building.
    • Falls Creek
      Snowsport School, one of the best ski centres in Australia, is located in Falls Creek. It has school holidays snow skiing programs for kids aged 3 to 14. Falls Creek also has theme park style facilities perfect for kids.

For toddlers and babies who are too young to qualify in school holidays snow skiing programs, they can still get to enjoy the snow with other fun family activities like making snowballs, snow castles, and snow angels. Sleighing and ice skating are fun too. Just make sure that they are supervised by an adult all the time.

School holidays snow skiing programs are great ways for your kids to acquire new skills and make new friends in a safe and friendly environment, providing them possibly the most fun winter school holiday ever. Get your kids to explore the mountain while fine tuning their skills!

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