Racquet Sports for Kids

Racquet sports can be played indoor or outdoor Racquet sports can be played indoor or outdoor

Hone your kids’ hand-eye co-ordination with racquet sports!
“Racquet sports” covers a number of different indoor and outdoor games in Australia which are played by hitting a ball with a racquet. Racquet sports are fun and a great way for kids to get fit and make friends!

A video of Racquet Sports for Kids

Qwyn is 7 years old and simply loves tennis. He is a great kid, tall for his age, fast and very determined indeed. Thanks all for watching.

Information on Racquet Sports for Kids

Are racquet sports for your kid(s)?

Do your kids love sports? If they are active and enjoy exercise, they might love to play a racquet sport. Popular racquet sports for kids include:

  • Tennis (both indoor or outdoor)
  • Badminton (either outdoor (backyard or beach badminton), or indoor (regular badminton))
  • Squash (indoor only)
  • Table tennis (usually indoor when there's no wind)

If you are looking for kids activities which require more than just brute strength, why not give racquet sports a go? While many sporting activities focus solely on physical strength, racquet sports encourage kids to develop a broad range of skills including:

  • General overall fitness
  • Mental strength
  • Tactical thinking and reasoning
  • Hand – eye co-ordination
  • Speed and agility

Whether your child likes to play as a team or individually, racquet sports will probably suit them. Kids can play around with a tennis ball and racquet at home or start formal lessons around 3-5 years old. Make sure your child has comfortable clothes to play in and plenty of sunscreen and water if they are playing outside.

Get your kids to start racquet sports!

The majority of racquet sports have the benefit of being able to be played indoors or outdoors so whatever the weather, there is no excuse! In addition to club membership you can probably expect to pay around $18-$25 for a group class and around $40 for a half hour session of private coaching. Another option would be to send them to a sports camp during your holidays. They usually play all those racquet sports, so it will then be easy for your kid to find one they likes Also, some camps are centred on one particular sport. A great way for them to improve!

If you don’t want to send your kids to formal classes why not hire a court and have a hot around  yourself? Most sports clubs offer squash, tennis and badminton courts for hire and you can even rent a racquet (sometimes as low as 3$ an hour). Alternatively, you can purchase a table tennis table and hold your own tournaments and matches in the comfort of your home!

Racquet sports are generally considered one of the more affordable activities for kids as there is minimal equipment required to play. All your kids will need is a racquet, a tennis outfit or similar and balls and they are ready to go! Check our ActiveActivities Directory for a club or venue! Whether your kids want to enter competitions or just play for fun, racquet sports could be the perfect sport for them!

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