Canoeing for kids in Perth

Little girl learning to paddle. Little girl learning to paddle.

When on a holiday in Perth in Western Australia, it is a must to visit the region's beaches and try water sports. Located on the banks Swan River surrounded by over 12,000 kilometres of unspoiled coastline, Perth is considered as Australia's water sports paradise. The adrenaline pumping water sports are the most popular activities for kids in Perth, including paddle sports such as canoeing. Go around and appreciate the wanders of Perth on a canoe!

  • Category: Sports
  • Approximate age to start canoeing: 3
  • Approximate price: FREE - $55 (canoe tours)
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: canoe - $300, canoe hire - starting $16 per hour
  • Best period of the year: dry season
  • Most appropriate region:Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach, City Beach, Mettams Pool, Rockingham, Brighton Beach, Canning River, Swan River
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Canoeing for kids in Perth

Family canoe ride on a windy afternoon.

Information on Canoeing in Perth

Is Perth a great place for your kids to try canoeing?

If you are looking for adventure for kids in Perth, canoeing is greatly recommended for your children, especially if they are fond of boating. Whether for recreation or sports, canoeing in Perth will be a memorable experience for your toddlers and the whole family. Many of the world's most beautiful beaches are found in Western Australia, mainly in Perth. The beaches there have calm waters, that's why locals and tourists frequent Perth for canoeing, kayak fishing, and kayaking trips in WA. Perth waters can also develop rips and strong currents regularly, making the region one of the hottest surf spots in Australia and in the world.

What's the difference between canoeing and kayaking? Canoes are usually open topped and is propelled with a single bladed paddle, while kayaks are closed top and propelled by a double bladed paddle. Generally, canoeing and kayaking are similar activities.

Here are some of the most popular spots recommended for canoeing and kayaking in Perth:

  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Scarborough Beach
  • City Beach
  • Mettams Pool
  • Rockingham
  • Brighton Beach
  • Canning River
  • Swan River

Get your kids to experience canoeing in Perth!

Toddlers starting age 3 are allowed on a canoe supervised by parents and experienced adults. Every coastal area in Perth open to the public  canoe hire and kayak hire facilities. There are also canoeing guides in Perth that you can hire to take you on a tour. Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Western Australia. Besides canoeing, Cottesloe Beach offers various fun and exciting kids activities, from recreational swimming to more thrilling activities like surfing and other water sports.

If you would like your kids to get familiarized with canoeing which can develop into a hobby, you can get them registered in Perth canoeing clubs as well as kayaking clubs. It is important to check if the club you are considering is recognised by Canoeing Western Australia, Inc. to ensure the safety of your children. Visit our ActiveActivities directory for a comprehensive list of canoeing clubs and kayaking clubs in Perth and nearby regions.

When your kids get a little older, they might look for something more exhilarating than canoeing. Rafting in Western Australia is a spectacular way to explore the state's waterways by floating down rivers, paddling into secluded coves, and hurtling down wild whitewater rapids. For those seeking a rafting adventure, the Avon River in Northam offers a torrent of whitewater.

Canoeing in Western Australia is one of the many ways to defeat summer boredom. Don't forget to include this activity in your list of to-dos on your next visit to Perth!