Australian Kids Need Active Parents

Australian Kids Need Active Parents
Research commissioned by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) indicates a strong relationship between physically active and sporty parents and their kids. For example, 73% of the kids surveyed in the research by the ASC had at least one parent involved in a sport or physical activity like walking, gardening or gym work.

Furthermore, 90% of kids surveyed who had at least one parent participating in sport or volunteering in the administration of a sporting club, are themselves registered with a sporting team or physically active outside of school hours.

What can parents do to produce active, sporty kids?

Several academic studies into sporting participation and involvement in physical activity confirm that parents that are positive, supportive and encouraging are more likely to have active, sporty kids.

So, here are some ways that you can incentivise your kids to be physically active which come from a news article published May 10, 2015 in the New Zealand Herald:

  • There is no right or wrong way to raise a child who is involved in sport: what’s important is parents helping their children understand that sport is important for many reasons, including enjoyment, health and social benefits.

  • Don’t expect children to place the same value on sport as you (parents) do: Children are first and foremost looking for fun and friendship.

  • Resilience can be learned, but not taught: Children must learn to fail and then move on; parents play an important support role.

  • Go in with your eyes open: Parents must understand that only a small percentage of talented junior/youth athletes will rise to the top of their sport as a senior.

  • Don’t be afraid of becoming involved in your child’s sport: Sport participation can be a rewarding experience for parents as well as their children.

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