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Wing Chun Activities for Kids - Woden Valley

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

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    The Capital Wing Chun class is an enthusiastic group of individuals who have a common interest in improving themselves and learning martial arts. The learning environment is one of mutual respect and interest in gaining new knowledge and skills, at any level. Each class is always a bit different; there is a core warm-up set, then varied exercises, drills, training and sparring, and a Wing Chun form at the end of class. The exercises and drills are often performed in pairs, with all students learning ... Read more from each other. Discussion, application and interpretation of what works for the individual and the situation is part of what makes the art practical.

    Overall rating: 5 out of 5  

    Great kids class

    27-02-2018 by Kathryn

    I've found this place excellent for my kids, it has a welcoming atmosphere and good balance of physical activities and mental focus.

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