Tai Chi for kids

Kids and adults practising tai chi Kids and adults practising tai chi

Tai Chi is (or T'ai-chi Ch'uan) an ancient Chinese martial art which dates back to the 6th Century BC. It is practised by people of all ages for self-defence training as well as for its health improvement. Tai Chi is an internal martial art, focusing the mind on Tai Chi movements that helps bring about mental calmness and clarity. It is also a good form of stress management.

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Information on Tai Chi for kids

Is Tai Chi a great activity for you kids?

Health and fitness for kids is a great concern among parents. It is important that parents get their children engaged in activities for kids that will not only benefit their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing. Active and healthy kids are happy kids. Tai Chi for kids can give your toddlers the health and fitness benefits they need!

Tai Chi movements are characterised by use of force through the joints based on relaxation and coordination, instead of muscular tension. The movements help open the internal circulation. Tai Chi involves three aspects: health, meditation, martial art.

  • Health and Fitness
    Tai Chi for kids is a good activity for your children as it involves health training. It concentrates on relieving both the mind and body stress that they may have gotten from school activities. Tai Chi also improves balance, coordination and flexibility. It also serves as a non-competitive form of exercise for children.
  • Meditation
    The meditative aspect of Tai Chi promotes focus and calmness. Meditation for kids can help them improve learning and focus in all things, especially sports and academics.
  • Martial Art
    Martial arts for kids teach children self-defence, something that they can use especially when they are on their own. Tai Chi?s principle is to yield an incoming attack instead of using a counterattack. Furthermore, unlike other martial arts, which can pose some safety concerns for your child, Tai Chi is a perfectly safe activity for kids.

Some tai chi workshops that are targeted especially for children simplify some Tai Chi movements so that they?re easier to follow. Traditional forms of tai chi can be more challenging, but as your kid begins to learn and experience more about how Tai Chi is done, he or she can advance to doing more advanced forms of the activity.

There are many different styles of Tai Chi, like Cheng Man-ch'ing, Yang, Wu, and Temple. Give your child a try in a introductory class, and you'll see what will work for you and for your children the best. Some classes are focused more on using Tai Chi as an exercise, while other classes are focused more on Tai Chi as a martial art.

Get Your Kids to Start Doing Tai Chi!

There are many places that teach Tai Chi for kids ? at local YMCA or community recreation centres. There are also Tai Chi schools for kids. Go to our ActiveActivities Directory to check the complete list of tai chi schools and centres around Australia. If you are looking for other kids activities that focus purely on health and meditation, you can also try yoga for kids.

Always check your Tai Chi master?s references to know about his or her background. Some instructors can provide certifications for their skills.

Tai Chi for kids can help discipline your toddlers? minds, build strength, and maintain flexibility. It is also a great way to channel your kids? energy, and an effective outlet for their stress and frustrations. Tai Chi is an activity that provides all the benefits that most external martial arts and sports do not provide.

The best time to practice Tai Chi is in the morning, right after waking up. It will wake the muscles and start the energy flowing throughout your body. Certain tai chi movements like the ?energy ball" are also good before sleeping so that the body can relax and sleep easier.

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