How to excel in Martial Arts – outside of the Dojo

How to excel in Martial Arts – outside of the Dojo
Training in the Martial Arts is based on repetition, and this is true for all martial arts.

Although there are vast differences in the Arts it still comes down to repetition, building on that muscle memory by practice and more practice, then even more practice.

The key to this practice is not so much training in class with an instructor giving the commands but the practice you do outside of class, at home, in the back yard, in your break at work, whenever you have the chance.

As an Martial Arts instructor it is obvious to pick out the students that do the home training and unfortunately not too many put that sort or effort in.

I know we all have seemingly valid reasons why the week just got away from us and suddenly, it’s the next class and nothing has been practiced since the last one. That age old attribute know as dedication just does not exist in many people these days, at least in the Martial Arts world.

The problem seems to be that students are not shown the simple idea behind home training. Hours and hours of training at home is not what the instructor is asking of the student. The key to home training comes back to the same idea mentioned at the top of this article, repetition. This can be a simple 15-minute training session at home done daily or even every second day but it’s this repetition that is key!

If you’re not sure on what to practice talk to your instructor or senior students, they will understand this concept and should be able to advise you the right things to practice for your level. Remember its you’re training so make the most of it, there are no short cuts but there are guidelines that can help enormously in your progress.

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