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Kung Fu Clubs for Kids - the Coastal Region

Queensland (QLD)

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    Southern Style Mantis Kung Fu, Self-defense training and personal development. Adults and Childrens Classes Available. Read more

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    Sports Kung Fu Classes & Lessons

    Women empowerment and Anti-bullying programs in Queensland. We deliver a traditional yet modern self defence style of CHINESE KUNG FU that is adapted into today's lifestyle. Our goals are to pass on the knowledge of traditional Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu through our teachings of RESPECT , DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP, SELF DEFENCE, BEING KIND TO OTHERS CORRECT POSTURE & BREATHING HEALTH, FITNESS & PERSONAL WELLBEING- MANTIS KUNG FU ACADEMY believes that children and family are of the... Read more

    Have you ever admired the grace, power and agility of the animal kingdom? Kung fu is based on the movements of animals and through it you can help develop your own strength, speed, agility and flexibility. It's a great way to get fit and healthy and learn about self-defence at the same time. Currently we are working on expanding kids classes and also introducing kick boxing and Sambo Read more

    Chinese Martial Arts with a difference. Our Martial Arts school has, at its core, a sense of community. We foster a family-oriented atmosphere that is built on etiquette, ethics, respect and morality. With our support, experience growth in your mental, physical and emotional wellbeingin whatever sense that means to you. No matter what brings you to FitLife, you can expect friendly, knowledgeable and professional expertise in a safe and supportive environment. We invite you to drop in and join... Read more

    At FunFu we empower kids (4 – 10) to protect themselves by building confidence and self esteem. Our aim is to provide them with the tools necessary to escape or fight back if needed. We provide this in a format of physical games and play without creating anxiety in the children. Our classes are run like a martial arts dojo, with a belt system that helps them develop these skills over a period of time while encouraging them to build on what they already know. We discourage negativity and encourage... Read more

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