5 Reasons Why Children Must Learn KARATE

5 Reasons Why Children Must Learn KARATE
If there was one thing above all else that any parent would want their children to have, it is a healthy self image, a positive outlook on life, and the resilience to overcome the challenges and obstacles that life will throw their way. All parents want their children to grow up to be strong, confident, empowered individuals. Nothing can prepare your children for the real world like learning a Martial Art, and there has never a better time to begin developing these valuable life skills.

They will build Self-Confidence 

Karate is the perfect training environment for children to build confidence and self- esteem. Even though karate does not condone violence, it does teach children to defend themselves in the event they are attacked. This empowers children who don’t have a lot of confidence and may even be the target of schoolyard bullies. Knowing that they can both protect themselves and stand up for themselves can significantly boost their confidence. 

They will develop Resilience 

Karate training develops resilience by helping children overcome set backs and accept and tackle new challenges. They develop skills to understand the difference between failing and giving up. The dojo (training hall) is a place where we are encouraged to try new skills, knowing that we must be prepared to make mistakes and appreciate that there is no progress without first trying. We train and we learn through making mistakes without judgement, knowing full well that this is how we learn to build new skills, and overcome set backs, and become more resilient individuals. 

They will develop Persistence 

Karate training develops a 'never give up' attitude. Children that do karate learn to be persistent by taking on challenges and overcoming obstacles. They learn to set a task or goal, and focus on its achievement until it is achieved. Persistence is a valuable life skill that can translate into school work, community participation, and of course lead onto far greater outcomes after the child leaves school to enter the work force. This is especially relevant in karate training with how the grading system has been set up. Every belt achieved is a new level of growth on a child’s karate journey. It takes setting the goal, understanding what it will take to reach it, and having the discipline and motivation to stay focused and take action in the pursuit of the goal. As the saying goes, persistence will always beat resistance! 

They will develop Independent Thinking 

When a child feels confident they value themselves and what they will stand for. Karate trained children will be a lot less susceptible to peer pressure, especially when it involves negative thinking and activity that they know is not going to be helpful. They will develop a 'follow the herd’ mentality. Children who are strong enough mentally are more inclined to make their own good choices. This is so critical in todays society where so many good children just want to be a part of the ‘group’ and may do anything to gain the approval of their peers. 

They will develop a Happy Positive Disposition 

Above all, regular karate training will provide children a sense of inner peace, a calm like attitude and will generally have a much happier disposition. Feeling good about themselves, having a positive mental attitude, a quiet yet resounding confidence, all combined will provide a healthy outlook. Small issues will remain small. Larger challenges will be looked at with a stronger mind set and challenges will be accepted with bravery and courage.

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