The Pinnacle of Martial Arts

The Pinnacle of Martial Arts
The Pinnacle of Martial Arts is a unique combination of the traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Korean Karate, Japanese Karate, Hapkido, fun Basic Boxing methods - Kickboxing methods, WT Taekwondo - Olympic Style Sports Taekwondo, and effective Self Defence techniques selected from various popular Martial Arts in Marrickville inner west Sydney and Chester Hill, Bankstown Area, South West Sydney.

The modernised and enhanced Pinnacle Martial Arts is ideal for Character Development, Physical Development, Self Confidence, Bully Busting, Focus, Discipline, Weight Loss - Control, & Fitness through specific Martial Arts, Self Defence, Taekwondo, Korean Karate classes for Kids, Teens, Adults and families that is suitable for diverse levels.


The popular Pinnacle Martial Arts HQ is located In Marrickville Inner West Sydney, our Blackbelt Master Instructors deliver our popular and specific Programs that are designed to suit High Schools, Primary Schools, Childcare Centres, Corporates and Diverse Groups in the following nearby suburbs: Earlwood, Campsie, Canterbury, Tempe, Sydenham, Lewisham, St Peters, Enmore, Stanmore, Petersham, Erskineville, Alexandria, Mascot, Wolli Creek, Turrella, Arncliffe, Kingsgrove, Kingsgrove North, Ashbury, Hurlstone Park, Newtown, Leichhardt, Summer Hill, Ashfield, Clemton Park, Bexley North, Bardwell Park, Arncliffe, Rockdale, Banksia, Kogarah, Bardwell Valley, Bardwell Park, Clemton Park, Turrella, Bexley, Bexley North, Belmore, Belfield, Dulwich Hill, Sydney CBD.


The Story Behind the Name - Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy

All the people in this world wish to reach the pinnacle or the summit. It is no easy task to achieve but takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to reach there. Well, it is what defines us, and why we are known as ‘Pinnacle’. Have you ever wondered how we landed up with the name? Then let us tell you the story.

Like everyone else, the dream of our grandmaster Hassan was to reach for the sky. But what sets him miles ahead of others was his willingness to put in the extra effort and dedication to achieve his dreams. It is like what people say that success is the result of perfection, hard work, and many other things. He was also able to inspire others who came in contact with him. He was able to bond a team of champions, laden with self-esteem, self-confidence and the willingness to try hard.

It wasn’t very long before grandmaster Hassan and his team started earning reputation and respect. Wherever he and his team of champions travelled, be it interstate, or nationally, they started to draw in huge crowds and audience. This was all down to the supreme and flawless techniques they used and their sportsmanship. People loved to see them perform and they also started gaining the respect of the opponents. The credible athletes from other clubs and states used to say, “here comes the pinnacle team.”


Well, it was also the time when grandmaster Hassan was searching for a suitable name for the team. He wanted the name to describe who we are and what we do. As soon as he heard many people, even from other countries, referring to his team as the “pinnacle team”, he realized that he had got what he was searching for. It was the moment that Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy was born.


We are not just any pinnacle team, but the pinnacle team. What makes this team different from the other teams is that grandmaster Hassan, his team of coaches and athletes were always up to date with the latest styles, trends and techniques. They also used their knowledge and expertise to make upbringing in innovation and come up with exciting, dynamic and unique styles. By showcasing great sportsmanship, respect, discipline and an entertaining and dynamic fighting style, the pinnacle team earned much respect and recognition nationally and internationally.


Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy doesn’t focus on a single or traditional martial arts style, but has evolved into a centre providing multi-disciplined martial arts style consisting of the martial art of taekwondo, Olympic style taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, Korean karate, Japanese karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido and martial arts self-defence techniques chosen from other various popular martial arts.


The mission of Pinnacle Martial Arts is to instil confidence in the practitioners, make them disciplined and help in their character development, physical development and attaining life skills. Pinnacle martial arts is not set up for only training one category or age group. It has a whole load of specific classes, programs and techniques that suit all ages, levels and gender. We have also designed our classes in such a way that they are age specific and targets the needs of each age group, like imparting confidence, self-defence, focus, respect, discipline.


Pinnacle classes have specific age group brackets and sector each member to their appropriate level and ability. At Pinnacle, we also run our popular high-performance program for taekwondo sports competitions. Well, it is all about helping you get fit physically and mentally, and being able to reach your pinnacle.


This is the story behind our name, and what makes us so different from your regular martial arts academy. With two main centres in Chester Hill and Marrickville and many training programs conducted at different locations in Sydney, training with Pinnacle Martial Arts has never been easier. Enroll with us now and achieve your pinnacle.


The meaning behind The Pinnacle Martial Arts Logo

One of the definitions that we get while looking up the term Pinnacle. It is the highest point, after which there is nothing else to achieve. And this is what we at Pinnacle martial arts academy aim to achieve. Our aim is to bring out the very best in everybody who trains with us so that they become better citizens.

This idea is represented in the mountaintop that adorns the centre space of our logo. You can see that there are two martial artists performing high kicks on either side of the mountaintop. As you can see, they are able to reach the highest point of the mountaintop, which is indicative of the level of expertise they have achieved with us. Be it the red corner or the blue corner, each of those who practice with us is trained and equipped to perform well and be the best among all.

The martial arts style that we mainly focus on is taekwondo, or Korean karate, which is embellished on the mountaintop, in Korean letters. This ensures that we follow the traditional practices and combine them with the style designed for a modern lifestyle. This helps us to bring out a complete and unique martial arts style. This completeness is represented in the circle shape sported by our logo.


Pinnacle martial arts academy has been established with the aim of delivering everything to those who enroll with us. We, through the various martial arts techniques, help in providing practitioners with mental and psychological benefits. Our strict and structured training sessions are designed towards a fitness discipline. What each person training with us would be is happier, stronger, healthier and better citizens of tomorrow.

This is what we stand for and what our logo represents. With us, be sure that you can achieve your pinnacle and be the best in martial arts styles. Well, it is what those testimonials speak about us. We have been successful in delivering everything that you want and we call you to be successful with us. Start practising with us today!

Pinnacle Martial Arts in Sydney for Schools, Childcare Centres, Corporate & Diverse Groups

Pinnacle Martial Arts in Sydney specialises in providing specific martial arts, self-defence and fitness training for preschools, childcare centres, primary schools, high schools, corporate, personal training & diverse groups in Marrickville Inner West Sydney & Chester Hill Bankstown Area, South West Sydney. Pinnacle Martial Arts is a dynamic mix of Taekwondo, Self Defence, Kung Fu, Karate, basic Boxing methods and basic Kickboxing methods that is modified and enhanced to suit kids & adults of all ages and levels.

Pinnacle Martial Arts team of Black-belt Master Instructors, coaches and trainers also service the surrounding suburbs in the Inner West of Sydney.

Pinnacle is the ideal place to experience the finest in Martial Arts & Self Defence training in Sydney for kids, teens, Adults males and females of all levels and ages.


Pinnacle Martial Arts in Chester Hill South West Sydney is conveniently located within 2-5 km from many suburbs.


Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy Marrickville, is conveniently located within 2-5 km from these nearby suburbs.

Pinnacle Martial Arts in Marrickville is near Earlwood, Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Lewisham

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