Trampolining for kids in Sydney

Your children can benefit from the workout on a trampoline! Your children can benefit from the workout on a trampoline!

Trampoline was invented in the 1930s by George Nissen, an American gymnast. Soon after its invention, trampolining became a worldwide sport and was subsequently added to the Olympic gymnastics program in 2000. Trampoline is for active kids who love to jump and it also helps improve coordination, balance and strength. Sydney offers various classes and programs for kids interested in the trampoline. Let your kids aim high and jump high on the trampoline!

  • Category:Sports
  • Approximate age to start trampolining in Sydney: 6
  • Approximate price: $15-$25
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Trampoline ($180-$300)
  • This activity comprises of: Jumping, tumbling, and twisting
  • Best period of the year: Year-Round
  • Most appropriate region: Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Trampolining for kids in Sydney

Watch this video of a group of children showing off their tricks on the trampoline!

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Why is trampolining in Sydney great for your kids?

Trampolining is one of the many exciting activities for kids that may be enjoyed from one's own backyard and may also be pursued professionally. Trampoline kids activities offer various benefits like improving cardiovascular fitness, improving bone density, increasing muscle mass and providing stress relief.

Why should your kids try trampolining in Sydney?

  • Various events are held in Sydney Trampolining in Sydney is great because of the many events and competitions within the vicinity. Sydney hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics, and a local named Ji Wallace won a silver medal for trampolining. He has also competed in various events in Sydney, including the World Championships. Earlier this year, Sydney also hosted the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF), and trampoline sports were one of the events. So if you're looking for fun things to do with your kids in Sydney, you can watch the Australian Championships which is to be held early in July. Let professional gymnasts wow your kids as they show off their skills on the trampoline like jumping, tumbling and twisting. As your kids watch these, they may start developing an interest and passion for trampolining.
  • Eligible for competitions organised by Gymnastics Victoria Gymnastics Victoria offers various opportunities for those who want to pursue trampolining for kids in Sydney and other cities in the state. They divide trampoline sports into four divisions: individual trampoline, tumbling, double mini trampoline, and synchronised trampoline. Gymnastics Victoria also organises Primary and Secondary interschool gymnastics competitions, annual events where kids can show off their skills and test their trampolining abilities. Kids from primary and secondary schools can join for a fee of $15 and $25, respectively.Also consider that if your kids have a talent in this area, they might want to take up trampolining and gymnastics in Sydney as two separate activities!
  • A wide range of options for gymnastics
    If your kids are not into trampolining, then maybe they can explore other options when it comes to doing gymnastics in Sydney. Rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics are incredibly popular in the city. In fact, back in the 2000 Summer Olympics, artistic gymnastics was held in the Sydney SuperDome, while rhythmic gymnastics was held in the Sydney Olympic Park. There are also many gymnastics clubs in the city that your kids can join. Apart from this, your kids can try cheerleading in Sydney, where Australia All-Star Cheerleading Federation holds some of its competitions.

Get your kids to start trampolining in Sydney!

Whether your kids just want to try trampolining for fun or if your kids are serious about pursuing the sport, it will pay to have your own trampoline. Trampoline sets may cost anywhere around $180-$300. It pays to purchase one with an enclosure to ensure your kids' safety as they jump high on the trampoline.

There are also trampoline schools in Sydney that hold classes at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. Classes are recommended for children of 5-12 years and cost around $15 per session. You can also enrol at your local YMCA centre for classes, where they offer gymnastics for boys and gymnastics for girls in Sydney. To learn more about trampolining clubs in Sydney, visit our ActiveActivities directory.

Remember to always supervise your kids when they're trampolining to ensure that your children are safe from the risk of injury. Generally, kids below six years old should never play on a regular sized trampoline, so try to look for mini-trampolines for your bouncing toddlers. If your children are not the type who would enjoy this type of activity, perhaps they could enjoy archery in Sydney, especially with the Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre just around the corner.

Get ready to bounce in one of Australia's finest cities!