Oztag for kids

Junior boys OzTag teams competing
Junior boys OzTag teams competing

As a variant of tag rugby, OzTag is a non-contact team game that can be enjoyed by people of all athletic abilities from ages 6 to 60. Introduced in Australia in the summer of 1992, OzTag has gained popularity across the country and is currently enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts. Spend the weekends with a fun game of OzTag!

  • Category: Sports
  • Approximate age to start OzTag: 6-8
  • Approximate price: FREE
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: OzTag shorts
  • This activity comprises of: clinics, trainings, and competitions.
  • Best period of the year: Year-round
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Is OzTag for your kid(s)?

Are you searching for the perfect activity for your kid who likes to romp and run around? Then OzTag might just be one of the most ideal activities for kids you are looking for! With simple OzTag rules to follow, minimal equipment requirement and pure thrill while trying to evade and outrun the opposing team, OzTag is one of the most fun games for kids. Let your kid use his/her overflowing energy while developing athleticism, physical strength, and social interaction through a competitive and rewarding game.

Taking Australia by storm since its introduction in 1992, OzTag is a variant of tag rugby league and rugby union that engages two opposing teams in a physical and teamwork-driven non-contact game. As a fast-paced and exciting type of touch football, OzTag can be played by boys, girls, or mixed teams of all athletic abilities. Whether your kid has experience in playing team sports or completely new to the idea, OzTag will appeal to his or her competitive and energetic disposition.

Instead of tackling the attacking players as in the traditional rugby game, the defending team in OzTag prevents scoring by “tagging” the player with the ball. This is done by pulling a tag attached to the Velcro patch on either side of the players’ shorts. OzTag is a non-contact sport so you can be sure that there will be minimal risk of major injuries for your kid. Since the game is played on a 70-metre by 50-metre field, the children playing will have room to manoeuvre and run from their opponents.

Do you want to take your kid’s sportsmanship and fitness to the next level? Let them experience the fun and challenge that comes with tagging! The game begins with a kick off, with the attacking team reaching for the “try line.” The defending team, on the other hand, will work to stop the player holding the ball from advancing in the field by tagging. Once the tag has been removed, he/she will drop it to the ground to mark where play the play the ball should take place. If the attacking team fails to score with six tags, the ball will be turned over to the opposing team.

Like all team games, playing OzTag for kids requires every member to work in coordination with the rest of the group. While training for and playing OzTag, the kids will learn how to defend, attack and pass the ball as a team. Below are some of the athletic values your child will learn in playing OzTag for kids:

  • Strategizing the attack formation – While playing OzTag, kids will learn how to best go on the offense, using techniques such as kicking, passing and evasive running. Kicking in OzTag is used to take the ball to long distances and recovered before reaching the line for a score. Skilful passing is required to transport the ball from one teammate to another while evasive running is needed to protect not only the ball but also the tags from being pulled away by the opposing team.
  • Building up the defence line – One drill for OzTag is to master the technique of capturing the tags of moving opponents. Using both hands, the kids can pull the tag from the attacking team and stall the progress towards the try line. Diving is also used especially when the target opponent is beyond arm’s reach.
  • Coordinating speed and stamina – Every player in OzTag for kids will learn how to communicate with their respective teammates to ensure that the attack or defence is up to the plan. As one of the most engaging and fast-paced kids activities, the players will develop and enhance their body coordination, reflection time, agility, flexibility, endurance and of course, speed.
  • Learning to be a part of a team – When your kid trains and plays OzTag, he/she will get to interact with a host of new people and learn more things through firsthand discovery. The invigorating environment of sports will nurture your child’s social skills, mental wellbeing and emotional capacity as he/she deals with the lessons, trainings and challenges of being a part of a team.

These are vital to enjoying and ultimately winning the children’s sports games. With OzTag, even toddlers will be able to grasp the goal of the game and fully enjoy the experience. A maximum of eight players are allowed on the field, the game lasts for a total of 40 minutes divided into two 20-minute halves. This playing time may vary depending on the age groups of the teams and the conditions.

Is your kid interested in joining competitions? Whether your kid is a seasoned tag rugby player or an initiate toddler, you can find the suitable category and age group he/she can join in. With the popularity of OzTag throughout Australia, a number of competitions are held throughout the year. The Australian OzTag Sports Association lists Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra as the top areas where OzTag competitions are held. Junior OzTag tournaments are open for interested young boys and girls willing to take on the challenge. Some of the categories are under 8’s, under 10’s boys and under 10’s girls. With a minimal gear requirement of tag shorts, tights and sturdy running shoes, your kid can already participate in this popular children’s sport.

Visit our ActiveActivities directory for available OzTag training programs and centres. Our listing includes programs, clinics, and tournaments that are recognized by the Australian OzTag Sports Association. We also have a list of shops were you can find the appropriate gear and equipment for OzTag in Australia.

Exciting and easy to learn, Oztag for kids will be the perfect outdoor activity for your kid. Let your child experience the thrill of attacking, defending, and passing the ball in OzTag!