Lacrosse for Kids

A contact sport for your elder kids.
A contact sport for your elder kids.

Get fit with this exhilarating team activity!

Lacrosse is a popular team sport in Australia, played with a small ball and a long stick with a net at the end. The aim is to catch the ball and toss it into the opposing team’s net. It is a contact sport so padding may be required!

A video of Lacrosse for Kids

A game of men's lacrosse is played with 10 players on each side, including three midfielders, three attackers, three defensive players and one goalie. Discover what equipment is used in men's lacrosse with help from a lacrosse coach in this free video on men's lacrosse.

Information on Lacrosse for Kids

Is lacrosse for your kid(s)?

Are your kids interested in team games? They might enjoy playing a game like lacrosse, which is becoming more popular in Australia with a number of kids’ leagues. Lacrosse is said to have been played by Native Americans and Canadians for hundreds of years, sometimes with teams of over 100 on each side! These days, teams are usually limited to between 10 and 12 players. Boys and girls generally play in separate leagues.

Some of the great things about lacrosse are:

  • With all that running about the field, it’s a great form of exercise
  • As a team game, it helps kids learn about working with others
  • Helps improve hand-eye co-ordination
  • It’s easy to learn and a great way to socialise and let off steam!

There are several types of lacrosse including field lacrosse (with 10 players on a team) and box lacrosse which is played on a smaller field with a much smaller goal. Women’s lacrosse has slightly different rules, allowing much less body contact.
Lacrosse can be quite a vigorous sport so if your children don’t enjoy being bumped they might not enjoy it! For older kids who are happy to rough and tumble, lacrosse can be a great kids activity.

Kids can start playing lacrosse from around age 7 or 8 depending on their coordination and motor skills. Learning to play well takes practice, so kids need to be willing to attend training sessions at their local lacrosse club. This will help them learn the rules and learn vital ball handling skills.

Get your kids to start lacrosse next term!

Are your kids ready to play as part of a team? No lacrosse club nearby? Other ball sports they might be interested in include grass hockey and soccer.

Lacrosse is a great competitive sport and lacrosse clubs often hold competitions and display league tables to encourage players. Kitting out your kids to play lacrosse will involve buying sticks, padding and club membership. However, clubs may well have equipment you can borrow until you’re sure your kids are really interested. Check out our ActiveActivities Directory to find your local Lacrosse Club!