Indoor Cricket For Kids

Professional cricket games are also held within indoor cricket courts to protect players and fans from the weather.
Professional cricket games are also held within indoor cricket courts to protect players and fans from the weather.

Get your kids to play indoor cricket!

Indoor cricket is a fast-paced and simpler version of the regular cricket game. It is played by players of all ages and genders on local, national, and international levels. It is one of the three most popular sports in Australia along with rugby and horse racing. There are more than 100 indoor cricket centres in Australia with 200,000 participants. Australia also dominates the Indoor Cricket World Cup and has not lost ever since it started in 1995.

Indoor cricket is played by two teams with 6 to 8 members in an indoor court or indoor cricket pitch enclosed by netting. Techniques include batting, bowling, and fielding. Since this game is played indoors, it is very safe and enjoyable. What?s more fun about indoor sports and other indoor activities for kids is that kids can play them anytime they want. Indoor cricket for kids is also called junior cricket. The primary skill that is used and developed in this game is the reflex skill. Your kids can start playing at 6 years old; they can join school clubs or they can play it with their siblings and friends as a leisure activity.

A video of Indoor Cricket For Kids

Indoor cricket makes it possible for your kids to play cricket all year round. Here is a video of an actual cricket game. See how a closed area is much safer and more comfortable.

Information on Indoor Cricket For Kids

Is indoor cricket for your kids?

So what are the benefits of indoor kids activities and indoor sports like indoor cricket?

  • Indoor sports are not dependent on weather. Kids can play anytime they want in a very comfortable environment. It is also safe as the area is closed and easy for adults to supervise. Parents would not need to worry that their kids may wander off.
  • Indoor cricket is a fast paced game that helps develop skills like agility, fast reflexes, and concentration. It also teaches players to be able to think fast under pressure.
  • Like any other sport, it is a great way to keep your kids fit and active. Having an active lifestyle can lessen the risk of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. It is also a good practise for those who want to play outdoor cricket.

It is great way to introduce your kids to sports by getting them to play Australia's #1 indoor sports. To get started, you can accompany them to an indoor cricket centre near you and play some indoor cricket or just watch the kids play. If they show some interest, you can encourage them to try the sport out by letting them join a team.

If you have a large enough space at home, you can set up your own indoor cricket pitch. The indoor cricket equipment includes a wooden bat, a ball, and indoor stumps and base. There is also an inexpensive indoor cricket set made of plastic for the toddlers. It sometimes comes with a carry bag for portability. Aside from having the right equipment, your kids should also wear protective gear like gloves, shin guards, and helmets.

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Let sports be your kid's second nature. Encourage them to participate in indoor sports especially indoor cricket!