Tips for kids playing basketball

Tips for kids playing basketball
Basketball isn't just a great team sport to play - it's a skill that needs to be learned and practiced in order to continue improving.

There are four areas where kids can focus to really start to improve their basketball skills:

1. Co-ordination Improvements

A common skill that is mostly underdeveloped in young children especially those in primary school is Coordination. For your knowledge a basic example of co-ordination would be catching a ball, which requires several body parts to work together effectively. BasketBall Classes & Lessons is a perfect sport to help improve co-ordination as bouncing a basketball requires a certain level of "hand-eye coordination" especially effective when improving the coordination of a child's non-dominate hand. This becomes advantageous over soccer (most popular choice of sport for children), which predominately utilises coordination of only the lower-body and not so much involvement of the upper-body, none if any.

Gross Motor Development 

Another underdeveloped skill is gross motor skills which simply put, is any movement that utilises a high amount of muscles, such as jumping. Basketball is predominately a gross motor sport, with movements such as jumping, running, shooting and passing requiring a high degree of muscle involvement. Therefore involving your child (combined with professional Basketball Coaching & Instructor service of course) in basketball will naturally produce improvements in gross motor development due to the nature of the sport.

Team Sport and confidence 

Basketball being a team sport, is a great way to improve your child's social skills and self-confidence. Games promote children to interact with each other, work cooperatively and a team environment can be of great benefit to children who may be shy in social circumstances. 

High Intense Sport

Finally as you may already know, basketball is a very fast paste game with a high amount of running, changing direction and making quick decisions involved. This tends to be great for children as the nature of basketball being so fast, engages children more effectively so they are less likely to become bored or not interested. This high intense activity is also beneficial at a health standpoint, as these types of exercises are shown to emit and burn the most energy, which is fantastic especially in combatting children who may lack physical activity on a daily basis.

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