Play Parks for your Kids

An outdoor playground for toddlers and babies
An outdoor playground for toddlers and babies

Play parks are playgrounds for your children. Playgrounds are a great place for you and your kids to meet up with friends. Playgrounds provide plenty of Kids activities and lots of fun,whilst you and your children are outside in the fresh air.

Invented in Germany over 200 years ago, playgrounds were originally a form of boot camp where children were trained to play correctly. Modern play parks are geared towards kids having fun, and many happy hours can be whiled away in these exciting and usually safe environments.

Playgrounds began appearing in Australia in the 1800s, and today there are play parks throughout the country.

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Is this play park right for your kids and family?

When choosing a play park for your kids, consider what you want your children to take away from the experience. Fun should be a priority! But play parks can offer many benefits, including:

  • Experts agree that playground social skills become vital resources that children carry forward into adulthood.
  • Playing games is essential to learning. Kids benefit most from the spontaneous play encouraged by playgrounds.
  • Physical activity builds fitness and can fosters self-esteem
  • Playgrounds generally require social interaction, as kids need to wait their turn and share. The grounds os social etiquette are introduced in playgrounds.

Will the play park you are considering meet your children's needs?

  • Some kids do best in a calmer environment
  • Others thrive on stimulation
  • Some kids just prefer the outdoors (Remember the sunscreen)

Ensure you select a park appropriate to your child's age. Regulations keep play parks relatively safe for kids, but a park designed for twelve year olds could endanger a toddler for example.

Parks often provide additional facilities such as caf?s and souvenir shops, where mum can relax while the kids entertain themselves and often mums will catch up with each other, enjoying a couple of moments or relative peace so they can chat, especially at indoor play parks. Which are great for those wet and cold days.

Get ready to get there with your kid(s)!

When planning your play park visit, pick the right time. Some parks close for winter, and most are crowded during school holidays or rainy days and weekends. Also if there is bad flu going around you might want to reconsider a visit or take some wipes to try keep their hands and faces clean Always make sure you wash your child's hands before you leave. Don't forget to take water, the little ones can work up a thirst with all the running around.

Indoor play Centres

Make sure the costs fit your budget. Many indoor play centres admit babies under 1 year for free. Family discounts are common, and paying online can be cheaper than at the gate. Remember to ensure the price includes activities, entertainment and equipment use.

Consult the park rules before going. Children may be required to wear socks when playing on certain equipment, or forbidden to wear thongs etc. Play parks with caf?s may not let you bring your own food, and the food available is not always healthy, so avoid being there over lunchtimes if you want to avoid junk food.

Outdoor play parks

Don't forget to check the playground rules and the weather! Pack hats, sunscreen, warm clothes and raingear as needed.

Now you're all ready for this kids' activity, have a great time!