Party Games For Kids

Parties are not complete without games for kids. Parties are not complete without games for kids.

Parties are never complete without party games!
Among kids activities, party games are always the most awaited part of any party, whether it’s a Christmas party or a birthday party. Depending on your theme and on the occasion, you can always have kids games to make your party more enjoyable not only for the kids but for the parents as well. Plan the perfect party games to keep the kids busy!

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Tips on coordinating games for a birthday party. In this video, we are taught how to play a game called Name Jump.

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Are party games for your kids?

Kids always like to be active. Let them burn off their energy by participating in kids activities like party games. It also has a lot of benefits for their development.

  • Physical Benefits
    Keeping them active helps improve their physical fitness and sensory perception. It also helps them burn all the calories they get from eating all the delicious party food.
  • Socialisation
    Joining in party games helps the kids practise their socialisation skills. It will also teach them the value of teamwork and leadership.
  • Creativity and Imagination
    Some party games stimulate creativity and imagination – like games where kids have to improvise stories or activities out of given supplies.
  • Intellectual Benefits
    Problem solving games helps improve their logical reasoning. It also keeps them alert and helps them have a keen attention to details.

Organize party games for your kids!

When gathering kids birthday party ideas, always think of the different factors in deciding which games to include. Consider the age of the participants and the location of the venue.

Here are some ideas for party games for kids:

Outdoor Games
Outdoor games are sometimes more fun because the play area is larger. This is only suitable for warm weather. Some cool outdoor games are obstacle course and relay races. You can do it in your backyard or in a playground. Some of the outdoor games may be more likely to be considered as games for boys because they sometimes can be more adventurous than girls. Boomerang games and Tug of War are some of the popular outdoor games in Australia.

Some more popular outdoor party games are:

  • Water Balloon Fights
    This is similar to dodgeball but instead of using balls, kids hit each other with water balloons.
  • Freeze Tag
    Players are tagged by the “it” get frozen and other players should unfreeze them without getting tagged themselves.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    Kids are divided into teams and they hunt for the hidden items included on the list that are given to them. The first team who completes the list wins.

Indoor Games
Most birthday parties are held indoors. Some of the indoor games can be considered as toddler party games because it is safer for toddlers to play inside. Girls games like dress up games are perfect for slumber parties.

Some popular indoor party games are:

  • Musical Chairs
    Kids form a circle in front of chairs that are one less than the number of players. They walk and dance around the chairs until the music stops – that’s when they sit on a chair each. The kid without the chair is out. Keep removing one chair until there is only one player left which will be the winner.
  • Trivia Game
    This is perfect for holiday parties like Christmas. Ask them Christmas related questions like the names of Santa’s reindeers or titles of Christmas songs. Kids can also play this in birthday parties where the questions asked are trivia about the birthday celebrant.
  • Freeze Dance
    Kids dance while the music is playing. When it stops, the kids must freeze. If they move (even the slightest movement counts), they are out.

Props and materials that are used for the games are very affordable. You can just gather some safe and recyclable materials in your home and you’re ready to go. You can browse our ActiveActivities Directory for more tips and resources.

Choose the coolest party games and make your kid’s birthday party the coolest party ever!

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