How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 3

How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 3
Continuing in the series How to prepare for a Magic Show . This article includes topics such as 'Focussed Practice' and 'Organising your Table'.

In considering how to prepare for a Magic Show, 'focussed practice' should not be overlooked.

In every trick, there is what I call a 'crisis point'. This is the crucial moment where the trick is actually made to happen. Once you pass this point the magic is done, and the rest is smooth sailing to its conclusion.

Take, for example, the Ball and Vase. The ball is taken, and is made to disappear. It re-appears inside the vase. The crisis point in this example is having the ball disappear. It needs to be done in such a way as to convince the audience that magic has just occurred.

What happens before and after this point is much less important. Therefore, the crisis point requires 'focussed practice'. Spend more time practicing this particular move than with the rest of the trick, which is fairly simple by comparison.

Look through your collection of tricks, and pick out the 'crisis point' for each. Then, when practicing, apply that focussed practice to the troublesome crisis point. You can use this same principle for any moments of a trick which you find awkward to handle.

By the way, speaking of awkward moments, you don't need to stick rigidly to the instructions. Treat instructions as a recommended way of working and presenting a trick. If you're having trouble with a trick in the way the instructions suggest, don't be afraid to try something different.

It may be more comfortable for you to use the opposite hand to that mentioned. It may feel better to you to reverse a trick, so instead of using a 'Flip Box' to disappear an object, show it empty and produce the object. That's the beauty of Magic. It's an art, and as such it allows you to be creative.

It's helpful to know how to prepare for a Magic Show, because being prepared ensures a smooth presentation, and this puts your audience at ease in your company.

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