Dance Parties for Kids

Let your kids express themselves and have fun! Let your kids express themselves and have fun!

Looking for kids' party activities that are fun for kids and easy for you?

Dance parties are guaranteed to tire your kids and their friends out - but not before they've had a huge amount of fun!

A video of Dance Parties for Kids

<p>Children do the Chicken Dance during a Kids Dance Party.</p><p> The children had the opportunity to learn a variety of dances including the: Hand Jive, Bunny Hop, Twist, Hustle, YMCA and Macarena.</p>

Information on Dance Parties for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy a Dance Party?

Do your children love movement and music? They will probably love a dance party for their birthday. Kids dance parties are great for confident kids who don't mind a lot of noise. If your child is the sensitive type they might prefer something calmer kids' activities. Dance parties provide kids with the opportunity to burn off some energy while having fun and improving their dance skills. Other benefits of dance parties include:

  • Improvement of co-ordination and motor skills including balance and rhythm;
  • Social interaction - dancing is a fun social activity;
  • Fitness - great for a cardiovascular workout;
  • Fun - best of all, dancing is fun!

Even very young children can enjoy dance parties, particularly with an entertainer or teacher to help them learn the moves. Add a theme or costumes and you can help promote imagination and role play too! Girls are usually more inclined towards dancing than boys but some types of hip hop or street dance can be appealing to both sexes.

Are you considering hosting a dance party event? Make sure you have enough space for your dancers to move freely without tripping over furniture or each other and that you have a good sound system and plenty of music.

How Do You Organise Dance Parties for Kids?

Overwhelmed at the thought of finding suitable activities for kids for your next party or event? A dance party doesn't have to be a huge event, you can just find some music your child likes, put on the stereo and let the kids dance the afternoon away. Dancing can also be incorporated into kids games such as musical statues.

Professional kids' entertainers and dance instructors can be found online or at your local dance academy. They will generally charge around $100 an hour for parties. Some child play centres and dance schools also host parties which might be an alternative if space is a bit limited.

What are you waiting for? Clear the furniture out of the way, crank up the stereo and let your kids dance the afternoon away!