Indoor Rock Climbing For Kids

Kids engaging in indoor rock climbing should wear proper gear. Kids engaging in indoor rock climbing should wear proper gear.

Let your kids develop their confidence with indoor rock climbing!
Indoor rock climbing involves scaling a rock wall which is built of a sturdy heavy-duty synthetic material and usually has brightly coloured, moulded hand and foot holds. Fun, challenging and a great workout, indoor rock climbing can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is like outside!

A video of Indoor Rock Climbing For Kids

A 7-year-old girl's first attempt at indoor rock climbing. Look at how confident and fearless she was! She even reached the top of the wall in a single attempt. Your adventurous kids might also find this hobby interesting!

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Is indoor rock climbing for your kid(s)?

Do your children love to climb? If they are constantly climbing on furniture, up trees and scrambling over the jungle gyms at the playground they might love to test and develop their skills with indoor rock climbing! Clubs teach kids how to rock climb in a safe environment with equipment including ropes, a helmet and safety gear all provided.

Indoor rock climbing walls can be great activities for kids because:

  • They improve strength
  • They improve kids’ agility
  • They encourage teamwork and co-operation
  • They teach kids trust and reliance on others
  • They can improve kids’ confidence
  • They are a great all-year round activity

Are your children terrified of heights? Indoor rock climbing might not be the best activity for them. They would probably enjoy kids activities with a bit more of a sense of security where they can keep both feet firmly on the ground, such as gymnastics! For those who enjoy it, indoor rock climbing can be a fun hobby and even a competitive sport. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Kids can start indoor rock climbing from 4 years of age but a responsible adult will need to be on hand to provide supervision. It’s best to send your kids indoor rock climbing in long pants and a fitted t-shirt with sturdy shoes or even specific rock climbing boots.

Get your kids to start indoor rock climbing!

For an indoor rock climbing centre near you, check out our ActiveActivities Directory . There are plenty of places in Australia where your child can have a go. You can expect to pay around $15-$25 for entry and equipment hire. Indoor rock climbing lessons are often more but some places do offer free kids’ clinics so it’s worth checking around.

If there are no indoor rock climbing walls near you, why not let your kids try abseiling or outdoor rock climbing? For adventurous kids there are plenty of activities to choose from!