How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 3A

How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 3A
Our next topic is Organising Your Table. Since you're examining How to prepare for a Magic Show , you've probably considered having a table or stand to hold your items. To the audience, this table or stand is functional in containing your equipment, but nothing more

To a magician, however, an innocent table is anything but innocent. It can have a shelf or servante (large pocket) attached to the back edge, ready to provide or discard magical items in a timely manner. It can have a black-art well in the top, to receive a magician's unwanted objects.

But even with an unprepared table, it's wise to consider the placement of the items you'll be using during your show. Think about the order in which you want to present your tricks. Organise your objects so you can access them easily as needed.

Arrange them in an order that will help you present them smoothly without a clumsy fumble. Do these things, and I promise your Magic Show will have polish and intrigue.

Practice well, and truly enjoy what you do.

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