How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 2

How to Prepare for a Magic Show - Part 2
Continuing with our tips on how to prepare for a Magic Show, it's a good idea to provide variety in your presentation. That is to say, don't have all card tricks and nothing else, for example. Of course, if you're planning to be a specialist in close-up card magic, then this point would not apply. Generally though, it's good practice to give your audience some variety.

Give thought, too, to the working of your tricks. Try not to repeat. You may have a trick that relies on your use of the Changing Bag for its working. If you have a second trick which involves a change, use a Drawer Box or similar. In this way, the audience won't suspect that the Changing Bag is all that important.

That's what I mean by 'variety'. Give them different things to look at.

It helps to keep them guessing.

3. When thinking of how to prepare for a Magic Show, choose tricks which will be appropriate for your expected audience. An obvious example would be "Swallowing a Sword" for a group of kindergarten children.

Similarly, you wouldn't do a match-box trick for a group of adults in a Town Hall. Avoid, or amend, tricks requiring a helper, if the audience members are all disabled. In other words, look ahead and choose your program to suit and please your expected audience.

If you found this article helpful, watch for the next instalment giving further advice on How to Prepare for a Magic Show.

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