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In theatre for kids they play pretend and dress up - the activities that kids love! In theatre for kids they play pretend and dress up - the activities that kids love!

Toddlers, having a short attention span, tend to easily get bored. Thinking of new fun activities to keep them entertained can be one of the hardest tasks for parents. With endless kids activities ideas and entertainment activities in Australia, you and your kids will always have something to do!

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  • Approximate price: Most are free
  • This activity comprises of: craft activities, games, swimming, camping, bush walking, fishing
  • Best period of the year: All year-round
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Backyard games like tag are simple yet very effective ideas to keep your kids entertained without going far.

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Are entertainment activities good for your kids?

It is important that children channel their energy to entertainment activities for kids that are good for them and are interesting for them as well. When they like what they are doing, it is easier to keep them busy and happy. Outdoor activities for kids are always a great idea to help your kids be physically active; but there are also challenging and fun indoor activities that your kids can enjoy especially during the rainy days. Need some suggestions on some of the most enjoyable entertainment activities for kids? Here are some:

  • Crafts
    Keeping your kids occupied when inside your home isn't as hard as it seems. You also don't have to spend anything. Crafts for kids are great activities to develop their creativity and imagination. Being natural explorers, your kids can surely produce something creative out of any craft materials that can be found at home. Let them experiment and unleash their wild imagination. Just always remember to supervise them and assist them in using some materials like scissors and cutters.
  • Games
    Turn a boring afternoon into an exciting one with kids games! Instead of just letting your kids watch the telly or play video games the whole afternoon, spend some time with them and play some active games. What's fun about these games is that you can make up a game of your own. You can play a simple game of tag or ball toss, or more challenging games like relays and scavenger hunts. Not in the mood to run around? Board games are also a great idea as it helps stimulate the mind.
  • Outdoor attractions
    Australia has many interesting places to visit, from the historical and cultural site to zoos. Go for an educational day out with your kids and visit art galleries and museums. Most public galleries and museums around Australia have no entry fees and have guided tours. There are also fun and interactive kids activities that will make learning about the history and culture of Australia more engaging.

    Kids love animals. A visit to the zoo is a must in every family day out. Most zoos and wildlife parks in Australia allow visitors to get up close and personal to some of the animals in their natural habitats. You can even get to take a picture with them.
  • Events
    The circus provides entertainment for all ages. Among the entertainment activities you can choose from are exciting rides, amazing performances, games, prizes, and fireworks. Some of the most popular festivals for kids in Australia are the Sydney Children's Festival and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
  • Beaches
    Being a country surrounded by water, spending the holidays on Australia beaches is definitely a favourite. The country has long coastlines with pristine beaches where you can go swimming, surfing, or just walking on the shores and sunbathing.
  • Parks
    Parks also offer different kinds of entertainment activities for kids with different interests. Explore the nature at national parks. Outdoor and adventure activities you can enjoy with your kids at national parks are camping, bushwalking, fishing, and bird watching. Playgrounds and picnic and barbecue areas are also available for a more relaxing time at the park.

    You can also experience a different kind of adventure at theme parks! Feel the adrenaline rush with thrilling rides for all ages.
  • Workshops
    After school, weekends, and holidays are no excuse for your kids to learn something new. Workshops are fun ways to spend the holidays while learning, playing, and making new friends in a supportive and safe environment. One of the most ideal workshops you can enrol your kids to is the theatre for kids workshops. In theatre, children will get to be their natural energetic selves with kids activities that involve the performing arts. Other workshops for kids are arts and crafts workshops and sports camps.

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Whether you're out and about, or spending an afternoon at home, there are endless possibilities to keep your kids amused!

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