Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC)

Kids enjoying a game of egg relay at PCYC camp

Let your kids enjoy a new activity that will motivate them to participate in community safety! PCYC or Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids in Australia gives the youth opportunities through recreational and educational programs. By organising programs that aim to provide a safe and proactive environment for kids, toddlers, and teens to hone and maximize their skills, they are given a chance to develop their skills in various disciplines. The PCYC also aims to aid in crime prevention as it is said that young people are most often at risk of being influenced and being victims of offenders. Get your kids to join PCYC or the Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids!

  • Category: Community
  • Approximate age to start Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC): 7
  • Approximate price: Average price of $0.
  • This activity comprises of: training, camping, arts and crafts, music, dancing, team-building
  • Best period of the year: All year round
  • School holiday programs available: YES

A video of Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC)

One of PCYC's gymnastics for kids training session.

Information on Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC)

Why are Police Citizens Youth Clubs great for your kids?

What can your child benefit from joining a Police Citizens Youth Club? Children are always looking for something to be interested in. If you are looking into introducing new kids activities for your children, Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) has a lot of recreational and educational activities for kids. PCYC has over 80 youth clubs and youth centres all over Australia and there are many activities for your toddlers or teens to enjoy. Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) is dedicated in crime prevention and youth development. Your children can get involved in sports for kids such as basketball, badminton, futsal, martial arts, and wrestling. They also offer educational programs that focus on music, digital photography, and dancing. By encouraging your children to try out various activities for kids, this will help shape and sharpen their leadership skills.

The Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) supports the following:

  • Crime prevention
  • Developing young leaders
  • Getting young people active
  • Protecting young people
  • Youth development

Get Your Kids to join Police Citizens Youth Clubs!

Where can you find a local Police Citizens Youth Club in your area? Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) and their youth centres run various programs and hosts activities all over Australia any time of the year and anywhere in the country. Depending on your region, Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) has developed the ivALIVETM, which is a mobile outreach service that uses a van to go around and provide equipment and resources for the areas it visits. With the support of schools and the local government, the PCYC is able to reach school halls and recreational youth centres to educate about road safety and drug and alcohol awareness. Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) has camps that are designed to challenge and engage your children in individual and group activities. The Police Rangers program is designed to help your child hone their leadership ability, self-confidence, team building skills, and self-esteem. Starting off as a probationary ranger, your kids will learn the basics such as bush crafting, survival procedures, abseiling, camping, and archery.

Our ActiveActivities Directory has all the available listings of various youth centres all over Australia run by Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) that your children can join. If your child can interact well with children and is interested in any recreational or educational activity, Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) is a cheap and great choice to get started. Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC) is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to help in youth development and crime prevention and all their activities are free for your children to try out.

Help hone your children’s leadership skills while letting them have fun at the same time!

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