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Kids can participate in community activities sponsored by corporations and non-profit organizations. Kids can participate in community activities sponsored by corporations and non-profit organizations.

Let your kids develop social awareness in their own way. Involve them in community activities!

A community is a group of people living closely together and sharing a common interest. It is also the society as a whole.

Kids, as young as possible, should have social awareness and be able to contribute to the community. Adults may prefer that kids do not get involved in community issues for they think that children are too young to understand such matters. But we wouldn?t know what kids can do to help if we don?t let them try, right?

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Parents' support and encouragement can inspire kids to be more involved in community activities like volunteering.

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Will your kids like joining communities?

Let your kids develop social awareness in their own way. Engage your kids to activities for kids that will teach them to become responsible persons. Kids community activities are good ways to make use of their time productively. Through this they will be able to contribute to community development and also learn important values.

  • Social Development
    Let your kids go out and interact with other kids! Participating in kids community activities allow them to practice their socialisation skills in order for them to grow up as outgoing persons.
  • Awareness
    Some school educational trips visit communities to do charity work and community service. They sometimes go to nature trips where they help plant trees and learn proper waste management. Exposing them to kids activities like these help develop sensitivity towards their surroundings and the situation of other people around them.
  • Maturity and Responsibility
    Becoming aware of the other social situations and issues will make them become more mature and responsible. Knowing the dangers that threaten the nature will encourage them to value it more and be more mindful of where they throw their trash. Being sensitive towards the needs of others also will lead to respecting them.
  • Community Participation
    Children?s community and other organizations offer many suggestions on how kids can contribute in their own way. They can put up lemonade stands and sell homemade cookies to raise funds, all for a good cause. They can also experience community participation through simple ways like helping in carrying groceries, walking the neighbour?s dog, or helping an elderly cross the road.

Introduce community service to your kids by starting at home. Carry out on them positive family values like helping with house chores and respecting and caring for each other. Praise and reward them for every action so they would be inspired to exert more effort.

They can also join community child care centres and organizations that are non-profit for children to experience and learn more about community development and outreach programs. These centres and organizations build awareness to kids by getting them to be active in community service such as donating old toys and clothes to the needy, making handicrafts out of recyclable materials, and forming a litter patrol on the local park.

There are also non-profit volunteer groups around Australia that hold community development programs that aim to improve the health, development, and well-being of kids 0-12 years old as well as their families. Their programs include parent education, playgroups, programs for young parents, and home visiting. They help the kids and their families identify needs or problems and develop strategies in order to solve them. They also empower the whole community to take collective actions to solve common problems. You can browse our ActiveActivities Directory for a list of non-profit organizations in Australia and more tips on community development for kids.

Kids are our future; and they can contribute to a better future by training them to be socially aware as early as possible. Let them contribute to the community in their own little way!

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