Secondary Art School for Kids

Arts and crafts are developing creativity! Arts and crafts are developing creativity!

Secondary art schools offer creative kids' activities aimed at children of secondary school age. These can include painting, drawing, craft and modelling with clay. Great for keeping kids busy during school holidays!

A video of Secondary Art School for Kids

Cowboy hats for kids can be made using an empty oatmeal container, glue, scissors, construction paper, tape, ribbon or rope and a round shape to trace around. Cover the oatmeal container with paper, trace around the oatmeal container and a larger round shape to make the rim of the hat, attach and decorate following the directions given by an art teacher in this free video on crafts. Expert: Cori DiSimone Villagomez

Information on Secondary Art School for Kids in Australia

Will Your Kids Enjoy Arts and Crafts?

Does your child love playing around with shapes, paper and watercolours? If your kids are keen to learn different things and make interesting new creations they will love arts and crafts classes. This kind of kids activities usually allow more freedom than structured art classes, which makes secondary art schools perfect for free spirited kids who are bored with crayons and colouring.

What are the benefits of secondary art schools for your kids?

  • Provides a creative outlet for kids;
  • Soothes and relaxes children, even active ones can sit and focus for surprisingly long periods of time;
  • Helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills;
  • Helps improve fine motor co-ordination through cutting and drawing;
  • Great way to produce unique gifts for family and friends;
  • Build on techniques learned through preschool activities and elementary early childhood lessons to increase artistic skill and knowledge;Gives kids a chance to meet others of similar age and get involved in local community art projects for kids;

Don't want to send your kids to formal lessons? You can try this at home with a number of do it yourself activities available online or at the library. Doing craft activities with your kids can be great for making personal presents for special occasions or as a bit of parent/child bonding. Just make sure you supervise your kids if they are handling anything sharp or hot.

Should You Sget your kids to learn Arts and Crafts?

Keen to enrol your kids in your local secondary arts school? Lessons generally run weekly during term time and cost around $150 - $300 per term. There are also school holiday arts and crafts programmes and one off Saturday sessions. A number of community programmes run during school holidays and offer free art and craft. They are often based at libraries or shopping malls so keep an eye out for information.

What equipment should you take to secondary art schools? For messy work overalls or old clothes are essential. If more equipment is needed, your school will send out a list, usually with suggestions on where to purchase any essential items.

If you're looking for a way to enhance your child's development, allow them to make new friends and have fun at the same time, give secondary art schools a try!

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