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Kids enjoy a group art activity. Kids enjoy a group art activity.

Do your kids enjoy drawing and other artistic activities? Or do you want your kids to develop better creativity and to develop an affinity towards the arts? The answer lies with you local art centre. An art centre offers various art workshops and drawing classes for children in Australia. Improve your kids' artistic capacity through art classes for kids!

  • Category: Arts and Crafts
  • Approximate age to join art classes offered by art centres: 3 years old - 12 years old
  • Approximate price: $160 - $190
  • Gear/equipment needed and approximate price range: Paper, Paint, Crayons, and other Art Materials
  • This activity comprises of : Painting, Drawing, Art Lessons
  • Best period of the year: Any time of the year
  • Most appropriate region: Anywhere in Australia
  • School holiday programs available: YES

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Kids eploring art through various media.

Information on art centre for kids

Why should you send your kids to an art centre?

Other than enrolling in an art centre for kids, there are a lot more activities for kids to get into, for more choices, parents can also look into youth centres that offer various activities for kids to engage in. But if you're looking for a more specific arts and crafts for kids, look up your local art centre. Here are some steps to take before enrolling children in an art centre suitable for kids.


  • Plan ahead

    Its better to think ahead before enrolling your children or toddlers into art classes as a kids activity. Its better to start your kids on art classes during the summer. This way it might double up as one of the school holiday activities for kids that becomes a favourite!
  • Learn what your kids want

    When tackling a new endeavor its always best to ask what your kids really want. With art classes for kids, it would be unfortunate if kids end up losing interest midway. Learn about what they appreciate and what keeps them interested. If its something they really want to do, later on in life, there are top art schools all over Australia to get into for a more in depth experience.
  • Look for an art centre near your area

    Parents can rest easy knowing kids are just within the local area. Art centres in Australia are abundant. There's bound to be an art centre near you.
  • Work a schedule

    Art classes differ per art centre, with terms lasting for 7 - 8 weeks of one hour, once a week classes, having art classes only once a week let kids tackle more as most of the weekdays stay open for other kids activities. But this also means that classes can go on for a couple of months.

    Bring your kids to an art centre for kids!

    Are you looking for an ideal craft for kids? It is fairly easy to develop a likeness towards the arts especially with toddlers and/or children. Even at home, with just a couple art supplies, its as if kids automatically get struck with creativity and they let their imagination run wild on paper and they basically do whatever they want. You can now let children learn more about art while having fun.

    Why should you bring your kids to an art centre?

    Through an art centre that offers art classes for kids, creativity and imagination are positively channeled to hone and mold the future artist in your children. You can look into an art centre in Australia that offers pre-school activities and school age activities that let kids enjoy arts and crafts more. These art workshops and drawing classes also provide art supplies and craft ideas for kids to enjoy.

    What do you need before you start?

    Minimal media supplies are needed, typically with fees for art classes for kids, art supplies for the projects are included. Term fees start at approximately $160 for 7 - 8 weeks of one hour, once a week classes. As with most classes art supplies are supplied even before the classes start, this avoids disruptions later on. This also avoids hassle for parents when children are expected to do the same projects as with the whole class. For more information on art centre for kids in Australia, as well as tips for other kids activities children can enjoy, please visit our ActiveActivities directory.


    Get your kids to enjoy arts and crafts through an art centre today!

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