Pizza is a Vegetable

by Virginia O'Neill on 17-11-2011
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Pizza is a Vegetable

For the past few days, Australian media is awash with Barack Obama’s brief visit to Australia. But, what are they doing in America while Barack is down under? Congress has decided that Pizza is actually a vegetable. Great news Kids! Apparently, a great kid’s school lunch is “pizza & fries”.

You can read the full article below to try to comprehend why Pizza is such a healthy food choice for kids. Decisions like this just make it harder and harder for us to get our kids to choose healthy food options. Let us hope that this does not flow through into the Australian “healthy school canteen program”.

A great kid’s activity to keep your kids happy and healthy is swimming. Now that summer is upon us head on down to your local Aquatic centre. Kids just love these places. The Australian Heart foundation works with our children’s schools to promote healthy eating and physical activity. We can all hear it now. Mum, can I have some vegetables for Dinner? Don’t believe it - “Pizza isn’t a vegetable” in Australia.

Virginia O'Neill

Virginia is a busy working mother to two energetic school-aged children. With the help of her supportive husband, Virginia successfully juggles the dual roles of career woman and loving mother. Virginia is particularly passionate about health and fitness, and is always looking for new ways to keep her children happy, healthy and active. Virginia lives in Sydney and is a veteran blogger of almost 5 years.