Can my daughter play rugby?

by Bec Wilson on 09-08-2013
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Can my daughter play rugby?

It might come as a surprise when they ask

When I met up with one of my girlfriends this week for a catch-up, she told me that her daughter wants to take up rugby. She was a little shocked, but more importantly, concerned at this request. Of course, we got into a conversation about whether it’s ok for girls to play rugby or not.

The natural doubt runs all the way through history

It was such taboo to even think of women playing rugby in old times, that it’s unconfirmed when they might have begun the sport. The first evidence was in England in the 1800s, but the games were frequently banned because they caused riots – people thought it was downright wrong then!

Rugby wasn’t fully accepted in the western world as a valid women’s sport until the 1990s, so it’s no wonder we might still hesitate as parents when our daughters talk about taking part in this traditionally male sport!

How can my daughter play safely?

The best way is to enrol her in a girls rugby team – there are plenty of them all around Australia. There are even a number of dedicated organisations worldwide for women’s rugby, so you can be sure that clubs for girls have safety at heart first, and encourage a spirit of community and fun to go with it.

According to the Sydney Women’s Rugby website, their organisation’s aim is to “foster the growth of women’s rugby in Sydney by providing a fair and progressive management and competition structure.” That’s great news for the sport, but also has echoes of values we’d all like to teach our kids about life in general, right?

There are mixed rugby teams around too, but as the guardian of a young child, it’s probably best to give them a miss. This is because growing girls and boys are not equally matched in strength and build. Rugby is fairly rough and tumble, so keeping your little lass in a girls team will keep the sport in the safer list of kids activities overall. Let them wait til they’re old enough to make their own decision about joining mixed rugby teams!

Get your little lady started now!

Ultimately, if your daughter’s keen to play a sport, it’s great to encourage this. What better kids’ activity than one she really enjoys? Check the ActiveActivities directory today for a full listing!

Bec Wilson

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