TOP 25 Most Popular Kids Activities in Melbourne for 2015 

by The ActiveActivities Team on 25-02-2016 Kids Health & Fitness
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TOP 25 Most Popular Kids Activities in Melbourne for 2015 

MELBOURNE, these are your Most Popular kids activities for Melbourne in 2015

“This above all; to thine own self be true,” said Shakespeare. 

True for Melbourne kids right now is a love of the arts with the two of the top three ranking kids activities in 2015 proving to be drama and the performing arts focused.   

Super Speak, a business offering weekly drama and public speaking classes, ranked as the number two most visited activity for kids in the city. Third ranking was the Artz Collective performing arts school for budding actors.   

Sporteka Box Hill offering preschool sports ranked as the most visited activity for kids in the city, proving that physical fitness is still front of mind for many parents of little ones.   

Visitors and users of voted with their visits, engagement and positive reviews posted throughout 2015. All this online activity helped us get a snapshot of what families (just like yours) are choosing to do with their precious time.

We are excited to release these Top 25 ranking business listings for the first time ever, across many different regions of Australia.

Look  for  the  “Top  25  Most  Popular”  badge  to  see  if your neighbourhood has a Top 25 list too and find out what  parents,  carers  and grandparents are doing with their kids. You can use it to inspire how you and your family choose to spend your time.

We  hope  you  enjoy  checking  out  your  local  Top  25.  Next  year,  we  will  be  back  again with the 2016 rankings as new businesses and activities hit the market to surprise, delight, educate and excite your kids. 

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