How to keep your kids fit & healthy this Christmas

by Virginia O'Neill on 14-12-2012 Kids Health & Fitness
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How to keep your kids fit & healthy this Christmas

The count is on. It's only a few sleeps until Christmas day. The family is in Chaos with Christmas shopping and present wrapping. And then there is all the Christmas celebrations that are on. 

The list of parties is endless , work Christmas parties ,end of the school year break up's, School parents Christmas party, Friends Christmas parties, kids activities Christmas parties. The parties just go on and on with ridiculous amounts of treats to tempt us. So how do we have fun over Christmas plus keep ourselves and our kids healthy?

  1. Maintain your exercise schedule
  2. Have small amounts of the treats
  3. When you are not partying - eat extra healthy
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Drink lots of nice cool water - skip the sugary drinks - they just make you extra thirsty

Christmas day - is just a day - eat what you want on the day - just be careful during the celebrations leading up to Christmas day.

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Have Fun Kids and be good - Santa is watching!!!

Virginia O'Neill

Virginia is a busy working mother to two energetic school-aged children. With the help of her supportive husband, Virginia successfully juggles the dual roles of career woman and loving mother. Virginia is particularly passionate about health and fitness, and is always looking for new ways to keep her children happy, healthy and active. Virginia lives in Sydney and is a veteran blogger of almost 5 years.