Pay per Lead FAQ's

  1. How does the process work?

    The process works as follows:

    1. Businesses list on the website (If not already listed)
    2. Website visitors request a service
    3. Businesses get notified of the requests (leads)
    4. Businesses bid to get access to the lead contact information
    5. The 3 highest bidders receive lead contact information
    6. Businesses contact the visitor and provide quotes and other additional information to convert them to a customer
    7. Visitor makes their choice and selects a business

    Click here for more information on how the Pay per Lead program works.

  2. How do I get started?

    Set up an account to list your business if you haven’t already. You will then start receiving leads if they are relevant to your location and the categories you have selected.

    If you have an account, you may already be receiving leads if they are being requested by our website visitors.

    Once you have an account, regardless of whether you are a free or featured listing, you can either add your credit card details and be ready to buy leads as they are received or wait until you decide to bid for a lead and then add your credit card details. Where you have a featured listing credit, your credit card will only be charged when your lead purchases exceed the value of the credit available excluding GST.

  3. Why should I pay for leads, what is the benefit for me?

    The key benefits of paying for leads through the website are:

    • Qualified leads are sent directly to your email address
    • You get their full contact details if your bid is successful, not just a click to your website
    • Higher conversion rates as only 2 other business get access to the lead contact information
    • You decide what amount to pay for a lead
    • You decide which leads to bid for
    • You only bid for leads once you have seen the lead information
    • No contracts or locked in monthly or annual fees
    • Pay as you go
    • Receive leads now but only pay later

  4. What information do I receive before I decide to buy the lead?

    You will receive a visitor’s answers to a series of question relevant to your category and location Once you have reviewed these you can decide whether to buy the lead and what to pay, based on the information received. See examples here.

  5. What exactly am I buying?

    You are buying access to the full name and contact information of the person that submitted the lead. It is then up to you to contact the business and convert the lead into a customer.

  6. How many businesses will receive lead contact information?

    A maximum of 3 businesses will receive the contact information related to a lead. In some cases, you may be the only person that receives that lead. It all depends on how many businesses have bid for the lead.

    This lower the number of competing businesses, the higher the chance you have of converting that lead into a customer.

  7. How are leads priced?

    The website does not set the price for leads. We do however set a minimum amount to cover our administration and processing fees.

    The sale price of leads is based on the amounts bid by businesses for each lead and are thus priced by the market. Each lead will be sold to the 3 businesses that bid the highest amounts for that lead.

  8. How much should I spend on leads?

    It is your sole responsibility to assess the value of each lead, the amount to bid and how much to bid in a specific month.

  9. How many leads will I receive?

    The number of leads you will receive depends on numerous variables including the demand for the specific categories and locations you may be listed in as well as the requirements of the customer.

  10. Are there any fixed amounts or subscriptions to pay per month?

    No, there are no fixed amounts or subscriptions to pay per month if all you want to do is buy leads. You will only be billed for leads purchased on a pay as you go basis.

    If you have signed up to a Featured Listing package, you do have a monthly amount to pay for that listing, but you will also receive a free credit to buy leads to the value of your package.

  11. How do I get more leads?

    You can get more leads by adding more categories and locations to your listing.

    Adding more categories is free but please ensure you deliver these services or you will receive leads that are not on topic for your business.

    You can add more locations by upgrading to a Featured Listing.

  12. How can I win more leads (i.e. get contact information)?

    You will need to place higher bids to win more leads.

  13. How do I convert more of the leads I have purchased into customers?

    To increase the chances of being selected

    • Contact the lead immediately you receive their contact information
    • Give them a brief overview of your business and experience
    • Provide a quality and competitive quote
    • Be professional
    • Be responsive
    • Create a comprehensive profile on ActiveActivities
    • Get reviews – generally the more reviews the higher the chance of getting hired – ensure you ask all your clients to review your services on ActiveActivities
    • Don’t give up, try different approaches and learn what works for you

  14. How do I stop receiving leads?

    There is a setting in your member’s area where you can choose not to receive any leads. You can turn this on and off as required.

    Also, consider adjusting the categories that you have set up as part of your listing, as these will determine what types of leads you receive.

  15. Can I change or cancel a bid once I have submitted the bid?

    No it is not possible to cancel or change a bid once submitted.

  16. How long does the auction stay open for?

    Auctions stay open for 24 hours or a minimum of 8 working hours.

    Auctions can be extended an additional 24 hours (and a minimum of 8 working hours) if there are insufficient responses from businesses to the request.

    Some auctions can close in minutes if all businesses in that category and location have bid.

    Your member’s area will contain details and timings for all relevant auctions.

  17. How does it work for Featured Listings?

    Featured Listings get a free monthly credit equal to the value of their Featured Listing package less any discounts received. They will be able to bid for leads initially by using those credits.

    Featured Listings will be billed for any amounts incurred above the monthly credit amount. For example, if the monthly credit is $29 and you purchased $50 of leads in a month, you will be billed an extra $21 for that month.

    Monthly Featured Listings credits do not roll over to the next month.

    Click here to sign up to a Featured Listing.
    Click here to see the benefits of a Featured Listing.
    Click here to read our FAQ’s for Featured Listing.

  18. Where can I find information about leads that I have bid for?

    You can find this information in your member area.

  19. How can I find out how much I have spent on leads?

    You can find this information in your member area.

  20. When will I be billed?

    For claimed listings you will be billed at the end of the month for all leads purchased in that month.

    For Featured Listings you will be billed on the monthly anniversary of your Featured Listing upgrade date. You will only be billed if you have incurred more than the credit that you receive as part of your Featured Listing subscription.

  21. Can I get a refund on a purchased lead?

    Yes, but only in specific circumstances. We will only provide a refund if you have actually paid for the lead, the lead is not a valid lead and you apply for the refund within 7 days of purchasing the lead.

    A lead is not valid if incorrect contact information has been provided and as a result it is not possible for you to contact the lead or the information provided is intentionally misleading or materially incorrect.

    When requesting a refund we will require proof that you tried unsuccessfully to contact the lead or the reasons you believe the information provided by the customer was intentionally misleading or materially incorrect. Each request for a refund will be reviewed, investigated and considered against the history of the Member account before making a determination. All refunds are at the discretion of the Website.

    Where the lead was fully paid for in cash, the full cash amount will be refunded. Where the lead has not yet been paid for, your account will be reduced by the value of the lead. Where the lead was paid for out of a Featured Listing credit and cash, the cash portion will be refunded and the credit portion will be adjusted to your account.

    Refunds will only be credited back to the credit card used to pay for the lead.

    Please contact us if you would like to discuss a refund.