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Online Bookings for Visitors

Want to book online?

  • You can book online with businesses who have set this up on ActiveActivities.
  • Your booking is safe, secure and risk free.

What you need to know?

  • You will see a booking widget on the business listings which have online bookings set-up.
  • You can book and pay for a service from that business using the widget.
  • The businesses listed on ActiveActivities have guaranteed that they will deliver the service at the time and place of the online booking.
  • You can amend or change your booking at any time up to 48 hours* before the booking date and time at no additional cost.
  • You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours* before the booking date and time and we will refund the full amount paid less a credit card processing and admin fee of 2.5%.
  • We guarantee a refund of your payment if you do not receive the service you booked. See details below.
* 48 hours is the default no cancellation period but can be changed by the business to a shorter or longer period. This no cancellation period will be disclosed to you when making the booking, before you are required to make payment.

Our guarantee

We will refund the amount you paid for your booking if you have booked a service and the business did not provide that service. This refund is subject to the terms outlined below.

The terms of our guarantee include:

  1. You never received a service in relation to the booking made.
  2. You have tried to reschedule your booking and no other booking time or alternative service has been agreed or provided.
  3. You have not received a refund from the business for the booking made.
  4. You and the business have tried to resolve the non-delivery of the service and the business will not refund your payment. You will need to provide correspondence between you and the business to this effect.
  5. You have not made a claim nor will you make a claim from your credit card company in relation to the service that has not been delivered.
  6. The amount must be claimed within 14 days of the original booking date and time.
  7. This guarantee does not apply to any partially delivered services or if the services did not meet your needs or expectations. These issues should be resolved directly with the business providing the service.

No online bookings?

If a business does not have online bookings enabled on their business listing on ActiveActivities, please contact them and ask them to consider setting this up, by using one of the contact options on their business listing.


Before making any bookings please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions related to making bookings online.

Online Bookings for Visitors - FAQ's

Date Update: 07-09-2017 9:33 am