Our integrated booking system

ActiveActivities and nabooki have partnered to provide a comprehensive integrated booking system.

ActiveActivities will send bookings to your business via a booking widget installed on your business listing page. nabooki will provide the booking management system where you will be able to add your services, fees and availability and manage the resources required.

In addition, there is also the option to install the booking widget on your own website, other websites or Facebook in order to receive bookings from these sources.


The cost of using the integrated booking system is as follows:

Booking originated from:

Booking originated from:

From any other website where a nabooki widget is installed *

Fixed fees $0 Free for the first 100 bookings per month.
Pricing then from $39 per month or 80c per additional booking.
Commission 25%

This commission is only charged on the initial booking made through ActiveActivities. All future bookings made directly with you do not have a commission fee payable.
Number of Bookings Unlimited Free for the first 100 bookings per month.
Pricing then from $39 per month or 80c per additional booking.
Credit Card Processing Fees $0 To be paid by you – these will vary depending on the payment processor and merchant account used.


* - Includes your own website, Facebook or any other lead generation or marketplace websites (where they accept nabooki widgets and you have installed these).


nabooki will provide you a free one month trial of their complete online bookings system, including the full booking calendar and diary system. This includes unlimited bookings per month and an unlimited number of locations. After one month, you will have a choice to move on to their free Freemium package which includes all the same functionality but is limited to 100 bookings per month and 1 location, or pay for an upgrade.

Find out more about nabooki upgrade packages.

Find out more about online bookings for businesses FAQ’s.

In summary:

You can use a fully integrated booking system and receive bookings from ActiveActivities and other websites and you will only pay:

  1. A commission on bookings from ActiveActivities that are booked and paid for.
  2. A fee if you exceed more than 100 bookings per month from websites other than ActiveActivities.


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