5 Reasons to be grateful for dance

5 Reasons to be grateful for dance
With the closing (and reopening!) of dance studios following the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been thinking about all the reasons we are grateful for dance and our ADDCo dance family!


Dance friendships are pretty unique. Your dance friends just ‘get it’. They realise you can’t have a Birthday party on a Saturday because you have dance classes all day!

Dance friends met before school age and will continue to cheer each other on, long after their dance training and school is over.

If you consider the incredible friendships you have made at ADDCo, it will make you very grateful for dance!


Yes of course theres the friendships, but how about your best friends parent who is basically a third parent to you. They have helped with your makeup at dance competitions, they’ve hairsprayed stray bits of hair in your bun, they have helped you with a quick change at the concert. They are family.

We believe the ADDCo community is a family, we are there for each other when times are positive and when times are tough. We are very grateful for our Dance family.

A Healthy Body

It is common knowledge that exercise improves our Health. As dancers, we attend multiple classes per week and exceed the recommendations for exercise given by Health officials. Not only are we simply exercising, we are building strength and flexibility in our muscles that is essential to reduce the risk of injury in ANY physical activity.

Exercise is also important for a mental health, so keep smiling and be grateful for dance!

Practice makes Perfect

Attending class twice a week for a full year to prepare for a one hour dance exam teaches us dancers the valuable lesson that practice really does make perfect! 

We are so grateful to have learned this life lesson and can transfer this skill to school life, work life and anything we want to achieve. 

Dancers understand the outcome of hard work and the joy it can bring in the process.


All 4 previous points can be linked to why we are grateful for confidence that is brought about through dance. Dancers enjoy stronger friendships, community experiences, healthier minds AND bodies and understand the importance of hard work. All these elements lead to greater confidence in dancing children and adults.

More than that though, dancers are used to getting up in front of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people and performing. I think sometimes we take for granted that we can do this (just ask a non dancer how they would cope in the same situation!). Dance gives us the confidence to handle whatever life throws at us!

Why are you grateful for dance?

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