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Storytelling - Art, Explore & Creativity - Mini Artist

We know that colors come from yellow, blue and red.and with white and black, we teach them to learn to have the ability to learn mixing colors through five basic color paint. This is a good way to use the less color and train to build up a good color sense.

Through Art, we explore the world together with children, by reading stories, bringing them into a world with creative possibilites.In learning things through other people art work, we guide children to observe things in order to present their drawing in their own way. They have the ability to draw condently through their hands, as long as giving them the free enviroment , it is important for the child to be able to have a creative space . Through time to time, children will learn to express smoothly and getting more involved in the art world.

For age 3 - 3.5

Named scribbling : In a way of drawing things, children is starting to adapt things from object in to drawing, they are starting to drawing things that has meanings which is in some area connected to their daily life. In this stage , they are only able to draw things by understanding in their own ways, with no logic and changing things very regularly, which we still canot fully understand but knowing that they are starting to knowlege things.

For age 4 - 7

Preschematic stage: With the age of able to knowlege things more actively, they are starting to draw things in a specic language of their own with their own ways of observing things. In this age, they start to expereince different things, and have a same pattern of drawing things.

Colors : when you see their drawings, when drawing specic things, they choose their colors from their special expereinces, such as always using blue to draw a pair of shoe. it comes from their expereince which maybe the shoe they tried on the first time is blue. In other places, they have their own preferences in every object they draw, it is all through their observations from life.

The appearance of the base line and the sky line: In this stage, they start to draw things with ground on the bottom and each of the object is on the ground, starting from bottom slowly to top up to the sky. This is a way they observe things and be able to manage in thier drawing.

The space of presenting art: Their are many ways of how they present their drawings,Baseline, unfolding method (folding method), X-ray drawing method (X-ray drawings), bird's-eye view method or reproduction method of time and space. Using maybe one or two ways , they may peresnt two types of spaces in the same pictur, adding different time, different objects different perspectives all in one drawing, sometimes you may not see the logic , but through asking them you may understand what they are presenting.

The way of presenting things: Experiences in their life becomes an important role in their pictures, the way they draw is expressing how they feel , what they think of things and what they see most important intheir experiences.

Same pattern of drawing: In this stage, they have their own pattern in their drawing for the objects they see. If not specially giving them new expereinces by observing specific things, they will not change, so it is good to guide them in obeserving things more in a detail way. To help them view things from different perspectives and build up their creativeness in art.

Schematic stage: Starting to draw things from what they see. With less feelings , but more in an observing age.

This is an age good to let them expereince more in dierent activities,they start to get more curious about different things and may build up their own language in what they draw with more variety of things as well.

This is an age for developing their space knowleges, by contacting with cutting stick and past, and giving them simple knowleges about 3 d space using cupboard and clay. This is about developing their brain with space and children development.

For age 9 -12

Gang Age: An age starting to view things in a more varity of ways an adding more details on their picture. Rather than doing only shpes and lines, they are more into details, like houses faces animals plants.

They view things not in an adult way, still in their own languages, but able to express more in their drawing.Colors: They are now into more variety of colors in their world, have the ability to use more specifc colors for similar objects, like trees , grass, leaves using different types of green to present each object.And may start to adapt themselves to draw close bojects and objects with distance using stronger colors and lighter colors to present them.

The space of presenting art:: From what they used to do is combining all sorts of dierent spaces in their art work, now they are capable in drawing only one vanishing spot space to presnt in their work. A big dierent from Schematic stage with muti spaces all in one.

The topic of art: Now they are capable in doing more , no matter in skills and knowlegeing. They start to get more curious in dierent things in life. It is a good age to seek what they like by guding diereant topics, things that relates to people, would be a good time to build up connection with others as well.

For all the things about children developing in art, is all related to be able to be more independent in life and explore things and have the ability to express themselves , understanding them. Through art , is a way to knowlege things of what they like, how they think and what they see.

We try and understand children and guide them to understand and knowlege topics in life by reading stories looking through other people artwork. And to be able to think and train their brain.Through different subjects we will try and let children explore different mateirals undetanding ways of presenting their thoughts and feeling to really enjoy the fun of art through every process.



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