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Keeping your kids active teaches them new skills, gets them away from the TV and generally aids in their development. The ActiveActivities Newsletter brings you regular ideas on free and paid activities, as well as school holiday ideas and news.

We believe Active Kids are healthy and happy kids.

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Our news letter packed with information and enthusiasm on kids activities, to help keep you and your little one active, healthy and beautiful.

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Kids are born to be active. It is so easy today for us to let our kids entertain themselves with all the electronic equipment available like TV’s, computers and video games. Sound familiar? The problem is that our kid’s minds and bodies were not designed to sit and stare at the TV all day. Get a regular reminder with ideas to change the habit!

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It is never too early or late for our kids to start to be active. Playing, being active, interacting with other kids is how kids learn and develop life skills. Through activity, Kids learn social and emotional skills. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date with the latest in kids and kid’s activities.

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