Snorkeling & scuba diving activities for kids in Peel Island (4184) the Moreton Bay region, Queensland (QLD)

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We apologise but at the current time we don't have any snorkeling & scuba diving activities in Peel Island (4184) listed on ActiveActivities. We have included the following related activities that may interest you.

Other Sports Activities - in and around Peel Island (within 5km)

Bay Islands Golf Club Inc
Bay Islands Golf Club Inc
Lot 2 Gordon Rd Macleay Island QLD 4184
Within 2 km from Peel Island
Category: Sports > Golf Clubs

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Other kids activities - in and around Peel Island (within 5km)

MacLeay Island Children Centre
72 High Central Rd Macleay Island QLD 4184
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Within 2 km from Peel Island
Category: Education > Long Day Care

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Articles for parents and kids
Water Sports For Kids

If your kids love the water as much as they love adventures, then they might enjoy water sports!

It is always more fun to spend the summer vacation on the beach. Aside from swimming, there are lots of fun and exciting activities you and your kids can enjoy on the water.

An active kid is a healthy kid!
Ensure your children are kept active and healthy by having ready access to those kids snorkeling & scuba diving activities and games that they are interested in and are close to where you live so you don't spend all your time transporting them around to different locations and activities.
Snorkeling & scuba diving activities and games are a great way to improve fitness and health for kids, babies and toddlers. Get your kids booked for some kids activities and sports today. Active kids are happy kids.
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Articles for parents and kids
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving for Kids

Does your kid have a fascination for the sea and its wonders?

Does they dream of becoming a swimmer or perhaps a marine biologist? Then we think they might enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving!

Articles for parents and kids
Diving for kids in Queensland

Dive into the mesmerising nature of Queensland with the whole family! Queensland is considered as one of the best diving destinations in the world. With perfect, warm ocean waters, amazing reefs, and hundreds or even thousands of marine species, diving in Queensland is a priceless activity that you must never trade for anything else.

Cross country skiing for kids

A fantastic way to spend the winter holidays with your tots is a seasonal sport such as cross country skiing for kids. Cross country skiing is a good way to improve your kids and your family’s overall health because of the health benefits you will get from it.

Articles for parents and kids
Synchronised swimming for kids

Let your kids steal the show with synchronised swimming for kids! Allow your kids to enjoy their time in the pool as they execute dance routines to the tune of their favourite songs. Whether it?s a single, duet or group performance, your kids will have loads of fun synchronised swimming. It's the ultimate dance and swimming experience!

Fishing for kids

Go fishing with your kids and make your next family outing more exciting! Fishing is one of the activities for kids that your toddlers will enjoy with the whole family.

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