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We apologise but at the current time we don't have any acting classes & lessons for kids in the Alice Springs region of Northern Territory (NT) listed on ActiveActivities. We have included the following related activities that may interest you.

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Performing Arts Activities around Alice Springs

Dancers R Us
Dancers R Us
PO Box 2263 Mount Isa QLD 4825
Located in or around Alice Springs

Dance classes for children as young as 3 years old through to adults in a variety of styles including classical ballet, jazz, funk, tap, hip hop and contemporary.

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All kids activities around Alice Springs

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
Lasseter Highway Yulara NT 872
  • Show Phone
Located in or around Alice Springs

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Articles for parents and kids
Acting associations

Fuel your kids dreams to be the next stars! If your kids have interesting and endearing personalities and love to interact with people, they would love to learn the art of acting.

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Articles for parents and kids
Modelling for kids

Bring out the star in your child! Do your kids love posing for the camera, or perhaps watching themselves on home videos? Then might be interested to get into modelling!

Articles for parents and kids
Casting agencies for kids

Get your young actors and models the right representatives! Do your kids like performing or modelling? Do they dream of becoming a star? Casting agencies for kids can help you manage their future!

Drama classes & lessons for kids

Put your kids under the spotlight! . To keep them busy and entertained, we get them engaged in activities for kids that combines both being active and being creative; and also in a way that their peers and the adults will appreciate them. Why not let them take their chances on the performing arts?

Articles for parents and kids
Performing Art School for Kids

Release your child’s inner superstar!

What a great way for your child to express their creativity and make new friends!

Guitar schools for kids

Unleash your child's inner Jimi Hendrix! Many scientific research have highlighted the benefits of learning a musical instrument from a young age, listing creativity, discipline and patience as areas that will stay with a child through to adulthood.

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