Ymca for kids in Narrogin Valley (6312) South-West, the Great Southern region, Western Australia (WA)

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We apologise but at the current time we don't have any ymca for kids in Narrogin Valley (6312) listed on ActiveActivities. We have included the following related activities that may interest you.

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Dryandra-Narrogin RUFC
Dryandra-Narrogin RUFC
Po Box 496 Narrogin WA 6312
Within 2 km from Narrogin Valley

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Narrogin Kindergarten
Falcon St Narrogin WA 6312
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Within 2 km from Narrogin Valley
Category: Education > Preschools

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Towns Football Club Inc
Clayton Rd Narrogin WA 6312
  • Show Phone
Within 2 km from Narrogin Valley

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Narrogin Regional Child Care Services Inc
Cnr Park St & William Kennedy Way Centre Narrogin WA 6312
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Within 2 km from Narrogin Valley
Category: Education > Long Day Care

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Articles for parents and kids
Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids (PCYC)

Let your kids enjoy a new activity that will motivate them to participate in community safety! PCYC or Police Citizens Youth Clubs for kids in Australia gives the youth opportunities through recreational and educational programs.

An active kid is a healthy kid!
Ensure your children are kept active and healthy by having ready access to those kids ymca and games that they are interested in and are close to where you live so you don't spend all your time transporting them around to different locations and activities.
We believe that active kids are happy kids and kids activities are a great way to improve fitness and health. Get your kids booked in some kids activities for the upcoming school holidays or next term.
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Articles for parents and kids
Community For Kids

Let your kids develop social awareness in their own way. Involve them in community activities!

A community is a group of people living closely together and sharing a common interest. It is also the society as a whole.

Kids, as young as possible, should have social awareness and be able to contribute to the community.

Articles for parents and kids
Ymca for Kids

Let your kids develop their potential while helping the community!
The YMCA is a worldwide not for profit association dedicated to helping young and disadvantaged people of all ages to maximise their potential and learn new skills.

Community centres

Have you ever taken your kids along to your local community centre? If not, check it out today - community organisations often run events and programmes at these venues which are low cost and designed to support the well being and enjoyment of families and their kids. Your kids can participate in lots of good causes as well as making friends and having a great time!

Articles for parents and kids
Cadets For Kids

Is your kid a budding leader? Then he might be interested in becoming a youth cadet!

A cadet is a trainee to become a volunteer military officer. Cadet trainees learn about military life, physical and mental skills, drills and ceremonies, and proper military etiquette. Cadet training does not require trainees to pursue a military career; but it provides them with skills to become efficient leaders and better citizens.

Boys Brigade For Kids

Let your kids serve the community while serving the Church by thinking and living like Christ!

Boys Brigade History - The Boys Brigade is a Christian youth organisation founded in 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith. It was founded on two pillars of Religion and Discipline and is set up to develop Christian manliness by using semi-military discipline, gymnastics, summer camps, and religious services. The first Boys Brigade in Australia was formed in Melbourne in 1890. As of now, there are approximately 500,000 Boys Brigade members in 60 countries.

The Boys Brigade Object is “The promotion of habits of Obedience, Discipline, Self-Respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness”, and its motto is ?Sure and Stedfast”, derived from Hebrews 6:19 of the Bible: “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast?” it pursues to provide a meaningful and enjoyable program that will balance the educational, physical, social, and spiritual areas of the members' life. It aims lead them into a healthy life dedicated to God?s service by leading a sound Christian lifestyle.

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