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5 fun kids science experiments to try out today

The best way for kids to learn is by doing and experimenting. I am the first to admit that I do not have the brain for science experiments but you don’t need to be a science genius to come up with fun science experiments for your kids. We’ve come up with 5 easy science projects that you can do with your kids to open up their curious minds and get them thinking about the whys and hows in everyday life.
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How to make parks exciting again for your kids

It appears to have happened overnight... the other weekend, my kids made a “that’s boring” face when I mentioned going to the local park. As exciting as monkey bars and see-saw appears to a five year-old, as kids get older, they need something more exciting to keep them amused at a park. If you don’t often take your kids to the park, here are six ideas why you should start taking them. If you and your kids are frequent visitors of your local parks, here are six ideas to add more excitement to your visits.
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7 ways to spoil dad this Father’s Day

A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when you fail. Your kids have turned to you for help to celebrate the greatness of their dad on Father’s Day? We have just the solutions for you to help your kids make Father’s Day this year a memorable and special one.
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Self-defence is more than just Karate kicks

Self-defence is more than karate kicks and beating your opponents to the ground. Self-defence teaches your kids the right methods to protect themselves in tough situations - whether it’s bullying at school or being follow by a stranger on the way home from school. Apart from the obvious solution of enrolling your kids in self-defence classes, we have some practical tips that you can start passing onto your kids today!
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Transform your kids into little bush rangers

My sister and her husband used to be fitness fanatics. Their weeky routine used to be jam packed with kick boxing, Yoga, swimming and the latest fitness craze. What they enjoyed the most was going for their monthly mountain hike and bush walking trip. It was their way to connect with the nature. However, all this changed when they had their first child six years ago. What little time they have left went into raising their first born, work and sleep. Feeling inspired again by their recent family trip to New Zealand, my sister and her family have found that it’s not only possible to go bush walking with kids, you can have a good time doing so. Here’s how!
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5 key life lessons camping will teach your kids

Last week, my kids went on their first school camp. I must admit that at first, I felt nervous about the thoughts of having my kids away from home for one week. The longest they’ve been away from home was their overnight stay at their Grandparent’s place! However, upon their return from camp, I found many positive changes in them - they appear more confident in making decisions on their own and even started helping out around the house. Here are five key life lessons that camping will teach your kids.
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Tips & Tricks to a smooth sailing first sewing session

My Grandmother is a craft Artisan. I can recall many great afternoons spent at Grandma’s place drinking tea, eating scones and learning how to knit, crochet and sew. While I never mastered my craft skills to my Grandma’s level, our crafty afternoon sessions did get me into sewing. I am now passing on this skills to my kids. I know the idea of having your kids deal with needles and a sewing machine would make some of your out there panic. But once you get yourself organised and plan ahead, you’ll find endless enjoyment out of sewing with your kids.
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6 money savvy tips for your kids

With yet another new financial year about to start, it’s a good time of the year to start having the ‘money talk’ with your kids. Young children learn money sense through examples and experience and parents are in the best position to get them onto a good start with saving and spending habits. There are many ways to teach your kids about money sense, apart from just giving them a piggy bank and setting them up with a bank account. Here are 6 tips to help your kids be more money savvy.
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It doesn’t take much to build meaningful family memories

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustles and bustles of everyday lives. As parents, it’s too easy for us to come up with excuses on why we don’t have time for our kids - there’s work, endless cleaning to do, groceries to buy and a social life to catch up on. While we’re too ‘busy’ keeping up with the many demands in life, our kids are growing up fast with changes taking place everyday. There are many ways for us to create meaningful family memories with our kids.
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How to bounce back to life when life gives you Lemon

The next time you think about the easy life your kids must be having in comparison to yours, you should think again. Your kid’s life may not be as stress-free as you think - school assignments and tests, making friends outside of their ‘comfort zone, constant need to absorb new information and dealing with schoolyard bullying. What will help your kids get through all these life obstacles is knowing that encountering challenges in life is inevitable but having the skills to bounce back when life gives you Lemon is what will make them into resilient kids. We’ve come up with the top 6 tips on how to transform your kids into natural problem solvers.
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How to see the world through a special lens

Photography teaches young kids many valuable skills from a young age - colour theories, the impact of lighting, composition but most importantly, it helps young children to appreciate the objects and sceneries around them. Teaching your kids to see the world through a camera lens encourage them to see the world around them differently and to capture those precious moments from a young age.
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Turn back the time & bring back the classic games

If you don’t want your kids to grow up knowing more than just how to swipe the screens from right to left on an iPad, then it’s time to introduce them to some good old fashion games that you used to play as kids. You’ll be amaze that most of these games often require only inexpensive or household items. We’ve compiled 8 of our favourite childhood games to help keep your kids busy this weekend.
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Help your kids to come out of their shells!

Let’s admit it, kids can be cruel. Kids can especially be cruel to those that displays behaviours that’s different to what they’re normally used to. Remember how the nerdy and shy kids used to always get picked on at school? Well unfortunately, shyness is still very much frowned upon on at school playgrounds. According to child experts, what helps children the most is to know that their parents accept them as they are and give them support and confidence that they will be able to overcome it. Here are some helpful tips to help your child build up confidence and deal with uncomfortable situations with more ease.
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Why cooking from a young age will benefit your kids for a lifetime.

If there’s a show that my kids enjoy more than their daily dose of cartoons, it is Master Chef. I love seeing the sparkles in their eyes as contestants on the show plate up their beautifully crafted creation. I come from a family of food lovers and over the years, I have passed on my passion for food to my kids. Cooking and eating meals together are not only important family bonding time, they also teaches kids many other valuable skills that you may not be aware of.
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Being stuck with your kids is not so bad after all on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not just the one special day of the year that all mothers have the privilege to feel like a Queen. It is a day to celebrate motherhood and doing the things you love with your family, especially your kids! If you think pampering yourself and having a relaxing time is best done alone, then you’re wrong. On Mother’s Day this year, sharing some of your favourite down time activities with your kids and make it a memorable day.
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