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The many emotional benefits of horse riding

Horses have a hard to explain alluring attraction to girls. Whether it has something to do with the power and freedom riding a horse gives to a young child or the bond that takes place between a child and their horse, horse riding has many lifetime benefits for your kids that you may want to start paying attention to their on-going petition to take horse riding lessons.
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The Patience Game

Do you sometimes struggle to get the attention of your kids for even five minutes? If you think you’ve tried every trick in your book and it hasn’t helped you one bit, nagging them further about it certainly won’t help. Children tend to display more patience towards activities that they can satisfaction from, whether it’s eating the cake they’ve baked or wearing a necklace they’ve made. Below are 5 kids activities that can help to encourage your kids to be more patient, starting from today!
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How to stay active during rainy days

It’s easy to come up with fun activities for your kids when the weather is picture perfect with cool breeze and blue sky outdoor. But what to do when the weather is miserable with dark clouds and non-stop rain? There’s no need to put the fun on hold just because of some rain. We’ve come up with 6 fun active activities that guarantees to keep your kids busy even during the gloomiest rainy days.
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Hop onto the Easter fun wagon

With Easter just around the corner, what have you planned for your family over the Easter long weekend? I have some great tips for you that covers everything from creative to active kids activities for you and your family. Read on and get inspired for a fun filled Easter that goes beyond Easter bunnies, chocolates and Hot Cross buns!
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How to prevent mealtime battles with your little ones

How common is the following scene in your household: 
 You and your partner are struggling to get your kids to eat the greens on their dinner plates (yet again!). Or while unpacking your kid’s lunch box, you find the same fruits and sandwiches you’ve prepared in the morning staring back at you. 
The good news is don’t worry, there’s no need to panic and feel like you’ve failed as the household chef. The truth is until your child’s food preferences mature and develop over time, these common battles are inevitable. You can however consider these tips to help make your life easier.
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How to train your kids to be tomorrow’s leaders

There’s no denying that one of the common traits of successful people is strong leadership skills. A great leader possess excellent communication skill, ability to delegate, confidence, commitment to the team and many other lifetime skills. Think of all the great inspirations Steve Jobs has given to the Apple team. Whether your kid is quiet and shy or the loud and confident type, they all have what it takes to become tomorrow’s great leaders.
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Savasana! The many benefits of Yoga for kids

For those that practise Yoga, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it provides you with deep mind-body connection as well as one of the greatest feeling of relaxation in the world. It’s calming for the mind and great for general health and fitness. If we benefit so much from Yoga now, imagine if we have started practising from a younger age. Kids of all ages will be able to benefit from Yoga classes that caters to their level and age group.
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Abracadabra! The effects magic has on kids

As famous magician David Copperfield once said, “By using magic to tell stories that educate, move and inspire. I help people realise their dreams”. This is indeed one of the great thing about magic - it makes people believe the impossible and question the unthinkable. This kind of curiosity is what attracts many young people to learning magic. As it turns out, learning magic is not only a fun activity for kids but one that’s great for developing young minds.
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Battle of the Sexes

How far gender stereotypes have changed in this day and age. We now live in a time when women are not expected to be just bored housewives but independent and capable females. We also accept that men can get emotional at times and there is nothing wrong with that. What can we do as parents to pass on these important messages to our young children? Here are 6 tips on how you can start addressing gender stereotypes today.
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How to take the loneliness out of only child

I come from a family of being the only child. Growing up, I’ve heard of all the stereotypes typically associated with being an only child - that we are selfish, loves to be the centre of attention at all time and are socially awkward. Sure it was great to have the constant focus of my mum and dad but growing up, I also remember myself feeling lonely very often. If you are the parent of an only child, here are some tips on how to take the loneliness out of your special one.
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Revamp this 90s sport and get your roller blades on!

Remember when rollerblading was all the rage back in the 90s – before it was overtaken by skateboarding? There’s something cool and relaxing about cruising down the streets of your neighbourhood or by the beach and feeling the breeze against your face. It's a fun and active sports to get into at any age and a great way to keep fit while having fun. Here are some tips on how you can get your kids into rollerblading in a safe and fun way.
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Team sports - good for the body & soul of young minds

It’s that busy time of the year again for parents with yet another school term just around the corner. Time to prepare your kids to be mentally ready for school and get onto those after school kids activities. When making your decisions about after school activities, consider something team based that involves interaction with other kids. According to Tim Dansie - an Adelaide-based clinical psychologist, registering your kids in team sports not only have many proven physical benefits, but also encourage many other benefits for emotional growth in kids.
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Help your kids get organised in the New Year

2015 has arrived - a new year, a new start. Our ActiveActivities directory has categories of great kids activities waiting for your kids to explore. But first, you’re probably dying to get rid of some of your kids’ bad habits from last year. Well, I’m here to help!
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