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Intuition Music School Intuition Music School Featured - Silver
Performing Arts Schools, Berkeley Vale
At Intuition Music School we combine quality tuition & live performance to not only motivate & inspire, but to nurture & build confidence in our students. With the benefit of having our own live venue, our end of term concerts provide a positive environment for our students to grow musically while also giving them a real sense of achievement. We have band workshop programs during school holidays. For more info, please contact Craig Ryan. We also have a second branch of Intuition Music ...
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Adventure Play Pty Ltd Adventure Play Pty Ltd Featured - Silver
Jumping Castles, Hampton Park
Having a party or celebration and need an activity to keep the children entertained for a long time, please let me introduce you to the new and exiting activity centre for children from 2-8 years of age. They are • Covered entirely with soft foam tubing to prevent any injury from impact while children eagerly explore. • All external surfaces are securely netted to prevent any falls. • Require no electricity or spinning parts. • Multi level with engaging obstacles to negotiate. • Contains ...
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Glamour, Seaford Meadows
Jamberry nail wraps are a vinyl wrap that is easily applied to your nails with heat and a little pressure. This revolutionary idea is an easy way to get salon quality nails that lasts up to 2 weeks with no drying time, no chipping and no smudging! Also offering Jamberry's very own 5 free nail lacquers and TruShine Gel System as well as any hand and nail care products that you may need. The best way to try the wraps is to host a party and invite your friends where you will be able to put on a ...
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Sky Martial Arts Academy Sky Martial Arts Academy Featured - Silver
Taekwondo Classes & Lessons, Seventeen Mile Rocks
The Sky Martial Arts Academy practices Korean martial arts: Taekwondo and Taegumdo. The main purpose of discipline in the Academy are Self-discipline, Self-development and Self-defence. The Academy called "Gong Do Gwan" in Korean provides all trainees with a strict but friendly environment where they can develop important values for life such as respect, courtesy, patience, confidence and positive thinking. The Sky Martial Arts Academy - The Sky Team won multiple prizes at the State, National ...
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Claire Drundree

The many emotional benefits of horse riding

by Claire Drundree on 19-04-2015
Horses have a hard to explain alluring attraction to girls. Whether it has something to do with the power and freedom riding a horse gives to a young child or the bond that takes place between a child and their horse, horse riding has many lifetime benefits for your kids that you may want to start paying attention to their on-going petition to take horse riding lessons.
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Virginia O'Neill

The Patience Game

by Virginia O'Neill on 12-04-2015
Do you sometimes struggle to get the attention of your kids for even five minutes? If you think you’ve tried every trick in your book and it hasn’t helped you one bit, nagging them further about it certainly won’t help. Children tend to display more patience towards activities that they can satisfaction from, whether it’s eating the cake they’ve baked or wearing a necklace they’ve made. Below are 5 kids activities that can help to encourage your kids to be more patient, starting from today!
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Claire Drundree

How to stay active during rainy days

by Claire Drundree on 06-04-2015
It’s easy to come up with fun activities for your kids when the weather is picture perfect with cool breeze and blue sky outdoor. But what to do when the weather is miserable with dark clouds and non-stop rain? There’s no need to put the fun on hold just because of some rain. We’ve come up with 6 fun active activities that guarantees to keep your kids busy even during the gloomiest rainy days.
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Guitar schools for kids

Unleash your child's inner Jimi Hendrix!
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Golf classes for kids in Melbourne

Playing golf can help your kids learn self-discipline and good sportsmanship!
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Gymkhana for kids

Encourage your little horse riders to join gymkhana events!
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Jessica Whitehill, Principal at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Visit listing page I greatly appreciate my Drama Academy being on the ActivitiesActivities website as online marketing is my main source of marketing (apart from word of mouth). ActivitiesActivities have been easy to deal with, and always rank well on Google. As a parent myself, I use the website to find info for my child's activities and therefore, knew it was a no brainer to list my own business with you guys. Since I upgraded to a Featured Listing the leads to my business have increased by 410% and visits have increased by 792%.
Keep up the great work!
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