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ActiveActivities is an Australian website for Australians with the sole aim of bringing the widest range of kids activities and kids activity providers together for mums, dads, grandparents, step mums and dads, aunts and uncles, carers or just about anyone looking for activities for kids and toddlers.

As you would know, a child's development is important, and very often due to time and other pressures they spend a little more time in front of the television than they should. ActiveActivities can help you get them out there, to learn new skills, develop socially and build happy childhood memories.

We have over 50,000 providers of kids activities listed on the site. We hope you find this useful when searching for activities for your kids.

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Students learning the electric guitar.

Guitar schools for kids

Unleash your child's inner Jimi Hendrix! Many scientific research have highlighted the benefits of learning a musical instrument from a young age, listing creativity, discipline and patience as areas that will stay with a child through to adulthood.

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Top Kids Resources

Golf classes for kids in Melbourne

Playing golf can help your kids learn self-discipline and good sportsmanship!

Gymkhana for kids

Encourage your little horse riders to join gymkhana events!

Dance & karaoke for kids

Let the inner star of your child shine out through dance and karaoke!

Cycling for kids in Sydney

Organise a family cycling tour around Sydney!

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How to enjoy time off with your special little guy

Are you a mom with a household full of boys that have too much energy than you know what to do with? Or perhaps you’re struggling to come up with your ‘cool mom’ image with your first little boy. It is easier for the man of the house to bond with their sons over rough sports and fishing sessions. But as a mom, there is no need for you to feel left out. Boys in general are more active, fearless and enjoy seeking attention more than girls. To win over the heart of the special little guy in your household, take our tips on a list of mother and son bonding activities.

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Top Blog Posts

How to stay indoor, have fun & keep active

Stuck for ideas on kids activities when the weather is bad? Or perhaps the season for your kid’s sport teams has just finished and you are seeking an alternative way for them to continue to keep in shape? In addition to the advantages of not having to worry about weather conditions, indoor sports also provide many other benefits over an outdoor environment. Conditions of indoor sport venues are usually more controlled and cleaner, making it safer for young kids. Here are our top five recommended indoor sports to keep your kids busy.

Prepare some popcorn and get the films rolling!

Our family has a long standing tradition of Movie Sunday. Every Sunday night, we will have popcorn and snacks ready and gather around in the living room for a quiet night in of family movie night. My kids grew up watching all the Disney and Pixar classics and we are continuously exploring new movie genres together. It comes as no surprise that children gets drawn to the fantasy world and captivating characters depicted in movies. There are ways to get your kids involved in the world of films that can help to ignite their imagination!

Play the Waiting Game

To be a parent, you are often required to have the patience of a saint in order to deal with crying and whining kids. Over time, we get better at handling their tantrum and wait for it, we eventually reach a stage where we no longer sees it as a chore. On the other hand, it is just as important for kids to learn the art of patience from a young age. It teach them the importance of having self-control and staying calm in the face of frustration or boredom. There are kids activities that can help little ones to learn the art of patience. Let the waiting game begins!

So You Think Your Kid Can Dance?

With the popularity of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, it appears that dancing is having a big comeback, particularly as a fitness alternative to playing sports. Learning to dance from a young age provide many benefits to kids. Dancing not only improve physical health and promote social interaction, it also help young kids to stay discipline and focus. Most of all, dancing has been found as a great way to improve self-esteem as it teaches kids to become more comfortable in their own skin and helps to boost their confidence level.

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