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5 key life lessons camping will teach your kids

5 key life lessons camping will teach your kids

Last week, my kids went on their first school camp. I must admit that at first, I felt nervous about the thoughts of having my kids away from home for one week. The longest they’ve been away from home was their overnight stay at their Grandparent’s place! However, upon their return from camp, I found many positive changes in them - they appear more confident in making decisions on their own and even started helping out around the house. Here are five key life lessons that camping will teach your kids.

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6 money savvy tips for your kids
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Guitar schools for kids

Guitar schools for kids

Unleash your child's inner Jimi Hendrix! Many scientific research have highlighted the benefits of learning a musical instrument from a young age, listing creativity, discipline and patience as areas that will stay with a child through to adulthood.

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Get active, get healthy and have some fun with your kids. ActiveActivities has one of the most complete directories of kids sports, arts, party entertainment, classes, lessons, events and all things to do with your children Australia wide.

Find out more about our event calendar or school holiday activities here. If you have an event or are a business, not for profit or individual looking to market your kids activity, then find out how to list your business. We have free and featured listings with an easy 3 step sign up process.
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